Monday, June 5, 2017

Trekking at Wawa Dam

I'm very excited to write about this experience because not everybody knows about Wawa Dam. Wawa Dam is actually pretty near Metro Manila. It's a dam in Montalban Rodriguez, Rizal that was built over the Marikina River to supply water in Manila in the early American Colonial era. It was abandoned since Angat Dam was constructed. 

It's not actually my first time to visit this place, I remember going here as a kid because my relatives in the father side lives in Montalban Rizal. We visited the dam again after so many years. I didn't remembered how it looked like back in the days! If you ask the people of Montalban about Wawa Dam, they will tell you scary stories. They always tell me to be careful when visiting the dam because a lot of people go missing or someone will pull you down under the water. Since my relatives live there, real or hoax, I've always believed in these kinds of stories so I made sure to be extra careful.

I visited Wawa Dam early in the morning with the family and the boyfriend. We went there by car. We're actually here to shoot for my sister's thesis. Luckily it didn't rained at all, the sun was shining so bright, so imagine trekking under the summer heat LOL! Make sure to put on sunblock!

I find it relaxing going here. I never thought a place like this exists near the busy streets of Metro Manila. The big boulder of rocks in Wawa dam are amazing to see. Some are white, some are gray, they're like marble!

Make sure to dress comfortably if you're planning to go here. You'll be climbing and walking around so better wear the right kind of clothes.

I love seeing flowing waters, it's pretty calming. I feel like I'm really one with nature.

See that? Yes that's the dam! Amazing right? See the floating bamboo cottages down there? You can actually bring food there and eat with your family and friends, like a picnic! But of course, make sure to clean as you go. Please don't leave all your trashes floating above the water. Save mother earth for crying out loud! hehe :) 

It's astounding to see this view early in the morning!

We climbed up the dam and we finally reached this area. I think this experience wouldn't be complete without riding a bamboo raft. 

I admit, it was sooo hard balancing on this raft because we were 4 people riding this long and narrow raft. A slight movement can definitely rock the whole thing.

Of course we'll do anything to snap these amazing photos. Talk about buwis buhay?LOL! 

In all fairness, riding the bamboo raft and rowing above the waters is totally a different experience. I'm in awe of how beautiful this place is!

If you're planning to go on a mini trekking adventure that's near Metro Manila, pay a visit at Wawa Dam. It's nice to discover new places that you never knew existed every once in a while.

Watch out for our next adventures!

Photography by Michael John Santos and Elijah Nichelle Santos