Friday, January 27, 2017

Au Revoir, Holidays!

Hey everyone! Guess who's back again? (cue in Bruno Mars' 24k Magic LOL)

This is my first blog entry for the year! I've been enjoying the holidays so far and the busy-ness at work. Holiday season is the busiest time for a retail girl like me. Anyway let's not talk about work. :)

I hope everyone had a great holiday celebration. It's Chinese New Year as I type this comeback post. For me it's always been the end of the holiday season. I'm glad to have spent the holidays with family and friends this year. Never missing a holiday celebration and actually celebrating it feels so good. Some may have spent it out of the country, out of town, by the beach or in their own houses but it doesn't matter as long as everyone's together, right?

Back to this post, so yeah we had a Christmas Party by the beach last December. Beach days in December is different from summer. The breeze is cooler and its more relaxing because it doesn't get crowded (another advantage is you get to take photos without people on the background LOL).

You know how the beach always thrills me so whether its Fall or Summer season, it's always a good idea.

swimsuit, EIGHTHMERMAID | sunglasses, RAY-BAN

Whenever I go to the beach, I always make sure I'm ready. not just with regards to the things I pack. Of course you have to have your sunblock, swimsuits, clothes and other toiletries with you, those are beach trip essentials but besides these things, your body should also be ready. 

Whenever beach trips are coming up, I make sure to keep my skin hair-free and smooth. No one wants to flaunt that bikini and showing off unwanted hair and prickly skin right? Good thing, Whipped is always available for me to get that pre beach treatment. Scrubbing and sugar waxing is always a good idea for sudden holiday trips out of town, you can confidently flaunt that holiday outfit or that bikini you've been dying to wear. Nothing could be great in the holidays as feeling good about yourself. The holidays is a time of dressing up and celebrating with people so give yourself a treat by looking great!

Now, I finally bid the Holidays goodbye! Au Revoir!:)

 You can visit Whipped at ATC, Ayala Fairview Terraces and Eight Forbestown Center BGC. 

Get Whipped now! Let me know how it goes!

Location: The Nook, Bataan 
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