Thursday, March 10, 2016

When In Baguio

My post is a bit late for the Valentines Season but I'm still posting this to show you how Baguio has developed to be more urbanized and a place where we could enjoy different tourist spots and Baguio's signature cool breeze.

We booked a deluxe trip to Baguio in Victory Liner prior to our date of departure. We wanted to ride the bus because its more relaxing, and we wanted to spare ourselves from complicated directions since we're not familiar with the road. We left Manila at midnight and it only took us 4 hours to reach Baguio. We arrived in Baguio early in the morning around 4am. We went straight to our hotel to check in our things and went out to find food. Luckily we found a quaint bakery that also serves hot coffee. We went back to the hotel to rest a bit and went out again to eat real breakfast.

We ate breakfast at Cafe by The Ruins. The place was full so we waited for our table. The wait was worth it because they serve exquisite breakfast food. 

Beef Tapa
They serve these meals with fruits, coffee/juice, and your choice of egg.


After eating breakfast we strolled around Baguio and find ourselves at Burnham Park.

We got on a boat that only costs P100 per hour. All of us were able to get in one boat. 

We went back to the hotel to check in, rest for a while, freshen up then went out again to eat dinner and catch the night market.

We dropped by SM Baguio first to see the cityscape.

The night market started late night. A lot of ukay ukay and tiangge were there plus my favourite part?  The street food! They have a lot of the usual street food (barbecue, hotdogs, isaw, isaw baboy, betamax, chicken feet and chicken head), they also have congee, balut, penoy, shawarma, tonkatsu (yes yummy and affordable katsu), peanuts, rice in a box and many more! Believe it or not I had 2 penoys and 5 barbecues plus a cold cup of coconut juice. Best midnight snack ever! LOL

Our day ended after our trip to the night market. We went back to the hotel for a good night sleep. Amazing how our room is not air-conditioned, the windows are closed but the room is real cold. 

The next morning, we were up early for our scheduled Baguio City tour! The tour is just 3k including the gas. Quite cheap for the four of us plus the trip lasted the whole day and we have a packed itinerary. 

Our first stop was The Bencab Museum.  I really wanted to go here so I insisted that this should be our first stop. hehe 

The museum was full of different artworks by different artists. They have ethnic wooden sculptures, abstract artworks, modern art, contemporary art, nationalistic art and erotic art.

Besides the amazing artworks, this museum has an amazing view!

Talk about an amazing view huh? hihi

The museum has a cafe too!

After the BenCab Museum, we went to the Diplomat Hotel. This is one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. Good thing we went there in the morning! The place is owned by Dominican priests before. Even though we went there in the morning, the wet feeling and coolness inside the Diplomat hotel can be obviously felt.

Our next itinerary was the Grotto. Its a high place that requires climbing up the stairs and reaching the chapel on top to pray.

The chapel was very calming and homey because it's made of wood and the sun rays are peeking through the glass windows. 

Our next stop was the Laperal House. Another haunted house in Baguio City. It was formerly owned by the Laperal clan many decades ago. To maintain the grand house, it was turned into a Bamboo museum.

It was told that the owner died by slipping on the front yard of the house. Creepy right?

I could still imagine how classy the house looked like years ago even if its all dirty and old now.

We went to the Botanical garden before eating lunch to buy pasalubong and of course admire the nature of Baguio City.

Best part? eating lunch! haha We had Thai food for lunch at Ketchup community. Its right next to Wright Park

Wright Park

Our last itinerary was The Manor at Camp John Hay to make our reservations for Valentines Dinner. Good thing they were still able to accommodate us.

We went back to the hotel to rest and get ready for our dinner. 

Dinner was scheduled at 7pm and we were just on time. Quite lovely how the hotel was arrange perfectly for Valentines.

My dashing date :)

For the appetizer, we had 3 choices.  I chose the Tiger Prawn Salad.

Tiger Prawn Salad

Salmon Carpaccio
For the second course I chose the Seafood Pot Au Feu.

Escargot and Mushroom Bourguignon

For the main course, I had U.S. Black Angus Tenderloin Medallion.

U.S. Black Angus Tenderloin Medallion

Baked Lam Rack Subisoisse
For the desert I had Red Velvet Molten Cake a La Mode.

Red Velvet Moten Cake a La Mode

La Presa Strawberries

Vanilla Panacotta

Julian and Ila

The romantic ambience was exquisite! They have a band playing jazz and mats and pillows on the grass. Its one of the best Valentines dinner I've ever had.

What is a dinner without the wine?

This was our last night in Baguio. Our stay was splendid because of the tour, the weather and the Valentines dinner. I advise that you arrange hotel bookings and transportation prior to your trip especially if you're planning to go to Baguio during peak season to avoid unnecessary change of plans.

Do write down if you have questions at the comment box below!


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