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Pa-ra-di-so :/ Italian word that means Paradise

Now I can say that summer is really over for me. That's fine because I had a great summer! Best summer yet! Discovered new places, done new things and shared lots of memories.

For my last summer trip, we've decided to visit Coron, Palawan. We've been seeing good reviews about the island and the photos were real nice so we thought why not? What we saw in photos doesn't compare to what we've seen in real life. It was amazing, that island's a paradise! Definitely a good decision for us to go to Coron for our 1st Anniversary! 

Since my trip, a lot of people have been asking me how was Coron, what are the places to go to, places to eat, and every tourist-y FAQs everyone wants to know. So I've decided to put everything here! I'm warning you, I've included a lot of photos on this blog post. Enjoy!

We booked a flight to Busuanga (that's what they call the town, Coron is the Island) thru Cebu Pacific. Our flight is scheduled at 11:30am and the travel to Busuanga is an hour away. The time is just right so we could check in to our hotel right away when we arrive.

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 TIP: Book a flight months before the trip to avail cheaper rates, wait for PISO fares too! Our flight cost us around 5-6k each round trip because we booked late. Some airlines are offering round trip flights to Busuanga worth 2-3k only! 

TIP: When you book a hotel, don't look for extravagant and expensive ones because you won't be staying in the hotel the entire time. You just need the hotel for your stuff, shower and sleep. Better splurge on tours, food and pasalubong

We arrived at Coron around 2pm had a quick lunch and took a nap. We woke up at 7pm and we were so hungry! We're new to the place so we didn't know where are the good places to eat at. I just take advices from my friends who've been to Coron and of course, google. LOL

The first thing that I've observed from this place was the life was very simple here. Don't expect tall buildings, modern houses and fancy restaurants, the place is simple (imagine a rural setting), quiet and the people are really nice. You can leave your motorcycle outside and no one would get it. 

We ended up having dinner at Trattoria Altrove (AL-TRO-VEH). It's an Italian restaurant that is open only from 6pm-11pm. It's a nice and neat place literally neat because you have to leave your footwear by the entrance, yes dinner on barefoot.

Romantic set-up huh? Just right because it's our 1st Anniversary Dinner! Yiiee :)

Meet my handsome date. ;)

We ordered 2 dishes, Fettuccine Carbonara and this unusual pizza because it's topped with tuna and corn yuuuuum! :)

They have really large servings and each dish costs around P 250-350. This is the brick oven pizza that I was talking about! It's huge and tasty! They don't have service water so just try their shakes and juices. They offer cocktail drinks and beers too!

Our first day was mostly all about relaxation. We took a rest the whole day because we know that we're going to have a busy stay on our next days in Coron.

 Second day in Coron! It's our first day of tour! We had our Island Tour that consists of tour at Kayangan Lake, Coral Garden, CYC Beach, Balinsasayaw Floating House, Banol Beach and Twin Lagoon. Each tour costs around 1,200-1,700 per person. I know it's pricey but it's totally worth it. Lots of places to go to plus a lunch buffet on an island!

One of my favorite destinations, the Kayangan Lake. As what the boatmen would say, you've never been to Coron if you don't visit Kayangan Lake. It's probably the most famous destination in Coron. It's part sea water and part clear water. It's real deep. You have to hike at least 300 steps to get to the lake. 

Tadah! The oh so clear Kayangan Lake!! :)

TIP: Bring a waterproof camera or a waterproof casing for your mobile phones! It's really great to take underwater photos in Palawan.

The Coral Reef Garden was amazing. You can see live corals and fishes swimming around. Nature's wonders.
 Lunch buffet at Banol Beach.

Our last stop was the Twin Lagoon. This place was amazing and magical. I can't imagine why the water in this lagoon is not salty but is connected to the sea. Yup, it's clear water too. So we toured around the lake on this Kayak. 

TIP: Bring a snorkel mask if you have one because you NEED IT. You can rent from the boatmen at P 150. Rent a Kayak too. You're going to use it at Banol Beach and Twin Lagoon. Seriously, where is the adventure without a boat? :)

We had a long day, it was fun and tiring so all we want is a good place to eat at. Again, I googled and found this. Corto del Mar is a hotel but they have a restaurant that is open to outsiders. Its Spanish inspired interior and the view of the pool is nice and relaxing.

They have large servings, seriously. I ordered Rosemary Chicken with Mashed Potato and steamed vegetables and I can't barely finish it! Mon ordered a different dish and each meal costs around P 350. I swear you should eat at Corto del Mar or book it for your stay in Coron. 

Our third day in Coron was our last day of tour. We  went to visit Malcapuya Island, Banana Island and my favorite, Bulog Dos.

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First stop was Malcapuya Island. The most interesting part on this island was snorkeling and fish feeding!

Met a lot of Nemos and Dories underwater hihi! Bring a pack of bread when you go to Malcapuya! It's fun to feed the fishes and film it on cam! :)

Second stop was Banana Island.This is where we had our lunch! It's a good spot for snorkeling too! But what we mainly did here was to relax and enjoy the view!

Lunch buffet at Banana Island! 

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excuse the cheesy photo hihi

My favorite destination, Bulog Dos! This view is amazing. The cliff, sandbar and the shallow waters is one for the books! Perfect beach! :)
With the bae <3 p="">

 What we did here was take lots of pictures and relax.

Isn't the view from the cliff awesome? You can see the whole island! :)

It was a great tour but our stay in Coron wouldn't be complete without visiting Maquinit Hotspring. The water's real hot. The tricycle can take you there with the price of P 300 round trip and he's going to stay for you for an hour. 

and that ends our last day of tour in Coron! Experienced a lot of different adventures on this island! :)

For our last day, we just had lunch at the famous Lolo Nonoy's! They serve Filipino dishes at very affordable prices. We ordered a whole plate of sizzling sisig at P 150 and lechon kawali at P170. Large serving plus delicious food is a steal! I swear you shouldn't miss this place!:)

 For our last day, we bought Pasalubong for our families and friends back in Manila. Their famous delicacy is the Marinated Boneless Danggit and a lot of dried fish! I quite regret that I didn't buy a lot because it's really good. Make sure to buy this when you go to Coron! 

You can buy danggit and don't worry about the packaging, because Ate will pack it right for you!

Our flight was scheduled in the afternoon so we had time to buy pasalubong and have lunch. Time to go!

We had an amazing time in Coron, I hope you'll have one too on your future visit. Let me know how it goes! ;)


Photography by Raymond Tagle Jr.


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