Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Old But New

As what I've told on my recent blog post, I'm going to share more things about my recent trip in Bataan. This is my favorite one, visiting Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. This isn't my first time visiting this quaint place. It's actually my third time. The first time I visited this place was way back 2010. The place that time was still under construction but some parts were ready so we were able to take a tour. The second time was with my friends year 2012. The place was finished! My friends really enjoyed our stay here. This time, this place was more amazing! They've extended it and built more houses and parks. Its really a go-to I tell you. You should pay a visit real soon. 

 I visited this place with my family. We really went there for my sister's travel photography journal for her photography class finals. The place is by membership only but now they already offer the place for walk ins due to public demand. Its quite expensive but I tell you, its really worth it! There's a pool, restaurant, amazing structures, jeep, kalesa, different performances and of course, the beach! You can even rent these houses or rent a room in their hotel. A one of a kind summer experience!

My baby, Rosco enjoying the summer breeze!


Top, Shorts, Sandals, Hat and Sunglasses FOREVER 21

They offer jeepney rides for tourists who doesn't want to walk so they could still go around the place! Fancy!

Yes this is really a bakeshop, they sell snacks and drinks too!

and this is really a Photo store!

This is my favorite building of all! It looks like the Venetian in Macau. 

This place has its Filipino-Italian vibe.

I love how they conceptualize this and involved bodies and water.

This is a church but is still under construction. I think they thought about building one because lots of couples do want to marry in this place.

Hotel de Oriente

My favorite house!! It's not yet finished inside but the red bricks really gets me! So homey!

This is the most interesting one...

 It has a canal in the middle like passageways for gondolas. Really amazing!

 These Casas are for rent. Imagine living in one for a week? How relaxing!

Its great that some people still appreciate Filipino heritage by going to these kinds of places and even building one! 

We left the place at sunset. It really feels serene watching it. 

This is going to be a packed summer for me, I have so many places to go to in line! Looking forward to use all my vacation leave(s) this summer. LOL!

*All photos taken using my iPhone5s

I'd like to know how your summer went! Leave a comment below, tweet or hit me up on instagram @nicooolesantos. I've posted wonderful photos on instagram as well! :)

My next stop? Boracay! Who's going? I'll see you there from the last week of April until May!


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