Friday, February 13, 2015

Heart's Day with Honeybee and Tokyo Bubble Tea!

 It's the love month already! Have you thought of a treat to your loved ones? :)

Valentine's Day doesn't mean spending it with your boyfriend or husband, or maybe worrying because you're single and you don't have a date. It's just a special day that celebrates love. You have your friends and family, you can spend it with them! They're the people you love right? So there's no need to feel bitter at all because you're surrounded by the people you love and loves you back. Trust me, this is going to be my first time to celebrate Valentine's Day with a boyfriend. I'm 21 and yes, he's my first. :) I've experienced Valentine's dates before but not with someone that I'm really in a relationship with. I've celebrated Valentine's day with family and friends. I ALWAYS receive treats from my family. Thank God for family right? I always receive a Valentine's gift. But of course, I'm excited to celebrate it tomorrow because I'm with the man I love. hihi *cheese* Hi Love! ;)

Anyway, talking about Valentine's treats, Honeybee and Tokyo Bubble Tea offers different specialty cakes that you can purchase for your loved ones! They have lots of flavors to choose from! Scroll down and see what can satisfy your sweet tooth! ;)

seeing this makes me drool haha excuses 
Matcha Tiramisu! For the tea lovers out there! :)
Strawberry Shortcake! One of my favorite flavors!
Always a fan of Chocolate Flavored goodies!
Something sweet and healthy!:) 
Doesn't this make your sweet tooth excited? :)

Besides specialty cakes, they also have other baked goodies for your titos, titas, lolos and lolas! :)

I'd like to thank Honeybee and Tokyo Bubble Tea for this early Valentine's gift! Sharing this Red Velvet goodness to the people I love for sure! :)

What are you waiting for? You still have time to do a last minute Valentine's Day shopping! Head to Tokyo Bubble Tea and Honeybee now!! :)

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