Thursday, September 11, 2014

Denim on Denim + Tiger Pad Guesting

Hiiii! :)

I must say, being a working girl really ate up my time and made me on a blogging hiatus for months! Actually not just work but I also chose to stay away from the computer on weekends to spend it with my family and friends. But now, I finally squeezed in some time to document outfits and write this blog post. Honestly, even though I dress up nicely at work (yes, we're required to dress up like a walking mannequin) I can't take pictures of my outfits everyday because I'm busy. hehe I just post outfits on my instagram account: @nicooolesantos.

 Anywaaaay I'm really excited to share this one to you because I finally have decent pictures and stories to tell. A lot of things happened to me these past few months. Awesome things actually. As much as I want to jot down everything here, time won't allow me to stay up too late because I have to wake up early tomorrow and I'm afraid I might bore you. haha! Still, I'm obliging myself to do so because I owe you one interesting post for being M.I.A. for months. ;)

I'm really thankful for all the things that happened and is happening to me right now. Really. First, even though I'm busy at work, I love what I'm doing and I just got regularized YAY! Second, I'm really enjoying spending time with my family and friends these past few days. I feel like a Superwoman whenever I manage to get things done at work and be good in being a sister, daughter and a friend to the people around me. Lastly, besides being a good sister, daughter and friend, I'm really happy being a girlfriend to the most awesome guy ever! (Yiiieee..Hi love if ever you're reading this. haha ew cheeseball ).

On the other note, I did something for the first time recently! I was invited to be a guest in Tiger Pad, a TV Production in the University of Santo Tomas to be interviewed live. It was shown in every establishment in the university. I was really excited because I'll be going back to my alma mater and I'll be doing this interview! Let me share you what I wore and what happened during that day! :)

Denim pants, Charm Bracelet, Necklace, Stilettos, Bag and Belt, FOREVER 21.

Who says denim is boring? I say otherwise! Denim is chic. I've decided to wear this denim on denim outfit, something casual yet chic for the interview. It's a school thing so dressing up comfortably is a must and I've planned lots of things to do that day. The secret to denim on denim dressing is wearing denim in different shades and wearing minimal accessories. Denim is heavy itself so wearing lots of accessories can make your look overdone. In this outfit, I chose to pair whites and a bit of gold to my denim duo. :)

 Feels so good to be back! I've missed UST! Quite nostalgic actually. :)

 As soon as I got there, the people of Tiger Pad oriented me with the flow of the show and the questions to be asked so I could make up my thoughts already because it's a live interview.

 Commercial breaks! Look at our studio! Small yet perfect for a campus TV production! Great job Prime Productions!:)

 I was asked about tips and how to's on Thrift shopping. Being thrifty was their main topic that day. Different ways to be thrifty in food and fashion. I find it a good topic for college students. 

 The Tiger Pad Team! Thank you for having me for your first Live TV Show, Prime Productions! I really had a great time! :)

So there, I hope I was able to pay up for my months of absence with this post! haha! Expect me to post regularly again soon!:)

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