Friday, May 16, 2014

Boracay Photodiary + Nestea Beach Party!

I don't have really good photos from my last trip in Boracay because I don't have a camera with me. All of these photos were shot using my phone! Even though I don't have a camera to take shots of how good this trip was, I can attest to you that through these photos, my short stay in Boracay was epic!:)

We arrived at Caticlan Port in the morning of May 2. Nope we didn't ride the plane, we took the 2GO ship instead and I must say, taking 2GO made this trip more exciting and worthwhile. The ship was exquisite! They have beds, a restaurant, bar, lounge, air-condition, cabins and shower rooms inside! I was really surprised! Plus it's 3 times cheaper than riding the plane and no flight delays, just saying. haha! Definitely taking 2GO again for my future trips! :)

Look, it's the Nestea crew! Can you believe that by just buying a 75 pesos worth of Nestea Pitcher, you get one activity stub for free? You can choose from Paraw Sailing, Photo live with free print or a massage! I bet the people in Boracay really gave this one a go! Fun and worth it! Props to Nestea for exciting summer activities and promos! :)

First time to try Hama, it's a japanese restaurant at D Mall, Boracay. Great food!

We dropped by the Meg Boracay Summer Party! Great party, saw a lot of friends and luckily, I won "Outfit Of The Night"! Thank you Meg Magazine!:)

I could lay like this forever. The sun, sand, water and the view? Few of my favorite things in the world!

Swimwear, top ROMWE and bottom FOREVER 21 , Flip Flops, HAVAIANAS 

Sunnies and Crochet vest, FOREVER 21

Check out these Nestea Paraws!

Swimwear, TWOZERO at The Ramp Crossings

I'm all tanned! I guess my lying around the beach every morning worked!:))

And of course, the much-awaited event of the season, Nestea Beach Party 2014 presents Steve Aoki! Woohoo! 

Getting Aoki-fied in the grandest way possible! Thank you Nestea for the VIP treatment! Epic event at Epic Boracay!:)

Let's get the party started!! So much techno music! So many people busting their moves plus overflowing drinks! Now you can tell that the event was a success!;)

Sharing this epic event with the best gurl, Ila! 

 Nestea Pitchers all lighted up! Trippy! Love the pink ones! 
My party buddy, David! What a night! You know it! :))

Again, thank you so much Nestea for this unforgettable summer experience! You guys throw the best beach parties ever!:)


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