Saturday, March 22, 2014

Monday Blues

 Blazer, High-Waisted Jeans, White Pointed Heels, FOREVER 21 | Cropped Top, NOUN PH | Bag, GRENJ BAGS

I'm back! Being on blog hiatus for so long made me so guilty for being irresponsible that's why I put extra effort in this blog post! haha!

Anyway, it's March already! I can't believe how time flies so fast that the 3rd month of the year's almost over! You know what March means right? Graduation! May it be a high school or a college graduation, I congratulate everyone who's going to graduate this school year! I remember my college graduation last March, I was sooo happy! Although graduating means not spending time with your buddies all the time, the happiness for each other overrule everything! You can finally say you did a job well done! You finished school and about to enter a serious phase of life, having a job and applying all the things you've learned in school. Working is not so bad at all, especially if you love what you're doing. So to all the graduates out there, make sure to ace a job that you really want, not because it pays the bills$$$ (if you know what I mean hehe) or else you'll be burned out. You're just starting your career, you have few months or years to explore your capabilities and skills so you would know which career you really want to pursue. 

I am now on my second job and I have to say that working for a retail company is great. Since I love fashion, designing, styling and everything about it, might as well live to it, right? :)

Working in the line of fashion, I always require myself to dress up to the nines! You can always play with your clothes and have the perfect work wear. Yes work is tiring so might as well look good so you won't look tired. This applies to everyone, not just to people who works in the line of fashion. Corporate attire is boring if you wear boring colors and pieces. Try mixing it up a little like this outfit! I paired my royal blue blazer with my high-waisted pants for a formal yet chic look. I mixed things up a little by wearing a sexy cropped top, but of course make sure to check your company's dress code before planning your outfit. When it comes to the shoes, choose a sexy pair of shoes when wearing pants. You're wearing something that covers your stems so add a little height to look smart! There are a lot of ways to revamp your work wear, but what's more important is your attitude/personality, it reflects in the over all look.

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Photography by Kyle Shih


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Franchette said...

Nice look! We have the same pair of shoes!