Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tay For A Day

Top, FOREVER 21 | Skirt, NICOLE SANTOS | Belt, FREEWAY | Bag, MOM'S CLOSET | Heart-shaped sunnies, BAZAAR

One of my favorite female artists is Taylor Swift! I mean, how could you not love her? She's pretty, she's a good songwriter, she's a good singer, she dances so well, she can play musical instruments, she has a sense of humor, she can pull off red lips all the time, her hair is just gorgeous and she has a good sense of style. Tay is known for donning red, white, black, stripes, polka dots and glittery outfits. Her style is very feminine. 

I was feeling very Tay that day, I just randomly chose this outfit. I wore this last December 24 for our super last minute grocery shopping. I want something comfy and easy to wear since we're already rushing to finish our grocery list for Noche Buena. I wore this red striped top and this daisy print skirt plus my houndstooth sling bag . Yes to print on print on print! You know the rules on print on print right? Just play with the colors. You can wear print on print just make sure you'll wear prints in the same color palette. :)

Tell me, this look reminds you of Tay right? especially the heart-shaped sunnies like the one that she wore in her 22 music video! You, who is your favorite female artist?:)


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