Friday, December 20, 2013

Brightest Moments

All of us had our brightest moment. That one moment when you felt so confident and happy, you're with the special people in your life, or maybe you've achieved something so great and valuable. We had different moments where we felt so special as if you're the brightest star in that place and time.

In my 20 years of living, my brightest moment was during my College Graduation last March 2013! That moment when all of my hardships, staying up late to finish my plates, financial expenses, daily commute to school and countless memories and experiences as a student finally ended! My greatest achievement. I felt so happy because I can finally say, hard work paid off! Of course it's not just the thought of finishing school that made this moment the brightest, but also the people I got to share it with.

Honestly, I felt a mix of emotions. I felt so happy, sad, excited, and loved. I was so happy because of the fact that I'm graduating with my college friends. We've all finished college together on time. Sad, because I know we wouldn't be able to spend time with each other everyday unlike before where we're in college. Excited because the chapter of our lives as a student has finally ended and we're on to the next! I'm so excited for each and everyone of us to go out there and find for the job that we love and be successful in our careers. Loved because..oh wait, I don't have to explain this. I already feel loved with all these people around me. This made this moment extra special.

What's a graduation without the people who stood by you 'til the end? My family of course! The whole family was there at my graduation. Even my grandmother who's having a hard time seeing and walking, dressed up and attended my graduation. She told me she can't miss this time of my life. So sweet, i can't thank her enough.

All of my siblings were there too! I'm the eldest in the family so this is the first time for them to attend a college graduation that's why they're so happy and excited for me!:)

My Dad was there of course. How could a dad miss his eldest daughter's graduation? Thanks Daddy!

And of course my Mom, my ever supportive mom. I actually feel so blessed to have very supportive parents. They always got my back whatever I want in life or whatever decisions I make. This achievement is for them. I can't thank them enough for giving me everything, for giving me the education that every child wants.

 I think this is my brightest moment not because I finished school or because I'm done facing all the suffering a student faces but I declare this as my brightest moment because of the people around me. The people I got to share this moment with. And of course the feeling of happiness that I brought to my family.

This unforgettable moment made me more confident in facing the next challenges that I'm going to handle. I am now confident to find a job, go after my dreams,  never stop achieving and dreaming.

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You, what's your brightest, most unforgettable moment of confidence with your family and friends? :)


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