Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wade Style Council

Wade asked a few bloggers to be a part of the Wade Style Council where in the bloggers will critic Wade's latest collection and decide whether it will be loved by the customers or not. This is one way for Wade to know which style and products will be marketable to the people. Yuki and I were Wade's Style Council for their Women's Shoes and Bags! We're so glad to be a part of it! 
 So we examined the shoes and bags one by one and we write down what aspects that we like and what we don't like. We were honest about this, we considered the price, style, quality, color etc! We had fun doing this! It's actually good to know that you have a say about something.

 Here are some items that I loved in Wade's new collection!:)

This pair reminds me of Blair Waldorf! I think this is something she would wear!haha

This pair looks so comfy and lovely when worn!

This is soooo meee huhu I love this!

My love for ankle straps!

Yuki and I loved this hologram-ish silver flats!

My co-Style Council, Yuki Tansengco! We love that studded Celine-ish Bag and this shoe!:)

Thank you Wade for this opportunity! We're so excited to check out Wade stores soon! Make sure to check them out especially their bags!!! So stylish and affordable!:)

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