Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Pump Juice Bar Experience!

 My excitement on sharing you my Pump Juice Bar experience is beyond words! Finally, I can tell you how excited and happy I am to be one of the few people who get to try Pump Juice Bar!

First off, let me tell you more about the brand...

Pump Juice Bars specializes in the making of delicious & healthy (creamy 98% fat FREE)smoothies & fresh juices that are  100% natural

Pump believes in the power of experience and strives everyday to exceed its customer’s expectations.

"To give every customer the best smoothie experience"

They have 5 thirst- quencher categories! 

Supreme Smoothies are your meal in a cup. They are smoothies with add ons such as oats, almonds and the like. They also gives you the energy and protein that you need like the one in your regular meal. My personal favorite in this category is the Breakfast Blaster! Soooo yummy!

Fruity Smoothies are yummy yogurt based drinks that are fruit flavored! You can taste different fruits in one cup! I'm loving the Mango Madness!

Fresh Juices are juices with different fruit flavors! They even have ginger, celery and beetroot? I dare you to try!!

Fruit Crushers are shakes in different fruit flavors! I love the Melonhead crush!

Last but not the least, my favorite category is the Naughty Smoothies. Not because it's 'naughty' lels but because it has chocolate and mocha! yay! I love these flavors! My personal favorite is the Mocha Mayhem!:)

Pump4Life Rewards Card

Become a member and accumulate points for every purchase in any Pump store!!!

-No Joining Fee!

-FREE smoothie for every 1500 points accumulated (each smoothie worth approx 150 points

-Special deals and giveaways given throughout the year for Pump4Life

I've been eyeing on these chips the moment we arrived. Guilty as charged, I'm a potato chips lover. I thought this was potato at first but I saw the packaging, it says "Cassava Chips". Then I thought, ooohh why not. I was so surprised, it tastes sooooo goooood. I swear! Even better than the usual potato chips! You should give this a try when you visit Pump! I go for the Sour Cream flavor!:)

 Don't you just love their interior? The chairs, tables, couch, the wall, and my favorite part is the iPad! Wooh! You can surf the net, take photos of your own Pump Juice Bar experience and share it online while enjoying your favorite drink!:)

My Pump Juice Bar date, Christine Liwag! I had so much fun babe!! Let's do this again soon!:*

Oha? endorser keme. haha! chos!

hihi I love love love this!

I can't believe we tried almost all the flavors in their menu! So much Vitamins!:)

By the way, you should try their Wheat grass shot, you can ask for a chaser in Apple and Orange flavor. We weren't able to try it when we visited because the wheat grass is not available but we will surely do the next time we visit! So intriguing!:) 

Thank you to the Pump Juice Bar Team for being so accommodating! We learned a lot from all the informations you've given us. See you on August 2!:)

This is a cup of my favorite drink, the Breakfast Blaster! We asked for a take out! We can't help it, it's soooo yummy!:)

Thumbs up for Pump Juice Bar!:)

Go to Greenfield District, The Hub, Mandaluyong City (from Shangri La Mall, cross Shaw Boulevard) 
Watch your favorite celebrities make their own smoothies! The team also have activities planned for everyone! See you there!!:)

Want a PUMP JUICE BAR date with me? I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY soon so stay tuned!:)

Once again, thank you PUMP JUICE BAR TEAM for this amazing experience. We really enjoyed trying out Pump! See you again on August 2!:)


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