Monday, June 3, 2013


I have a new favorite brand here in Manila. SM Retail group introduces you SUITEBLANCO. 

SUITEBLANCO speaks to young, modern women and men with an uninhibited urban spirit. The clothes and accessories resonate well with consumers, who aspire for a diverse worldview on fashion that is aspirational and attainable in terms of price. This market segment is constantly clamoring for novelty and variety and we recognize the need to deliver such demands.

The SUITEBLANCO Woman is a discerning individual who is undaunted by the latest fashion trends; she’s either poised to set them or defy them.

She loves to co-create and share happenings with others. She is driven by success and fulfillment particularly career goals, hence she rationalizes the fine line between saving and spending.

The SUITEBLANCO Man is a free spirit who is primed to lead the pack. He is bold in making his own decisions and is definitely confident in selecting his fashion influences.

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