Sunday, June 30, 2013

Denim X Tweed X Denim

Tweed Blazer, Forever 21 | Denim Dress, Forever 21

Gold Cuff, Hiss Bliss

Wedges, Forever 21

Forgot to post about this one. haha! This is what I wore last SUITEBLANCO launching at SM Aura. The dress code says 'summer', unfortunately the weather's not being so cooperative that time so I opted to wear this floral denim dress and layered my tweed blazer. I never thought tweed and denim could go together! They're both heavy fabrics, so I think the key is to wear it in different shades. Wear one in a lighter shade and one in a darker shade. My denim bag goes with this outfit as well! Excuse my low res photos, it's quite dark around fort that time. hihi Thanks Kai for taking them!

Sorry for this late blog post, I've been so busy with job applications and interviews lately. I don't know why but I'm beginning to panic about the fact that I'm still fUNemployed hihi. I'm starting to hate the bum life. I want a permanent job and earn already. haha! Some of my friends tell me it's okay, you're going to miss that life when you start working, but I'm an outgoing person. I love being busy. Yes it may be tiring and I might miss it but I want to be challenged already. I have a few prospects, but of course, I'm still waiting for call backs. I hope I'll land a job soon! Wish me luck!:)


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