Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Playsuit for Playspace

Hiiiii! (in my most giddy tone)
I've missed posting personal stuff in my blog! I'm actually excited to post this one! Again, I'm sorry for the blogging hiatus. I think it's been a month since I've posted something of my own. I'm just enjoying summer and by summer I mean bumming out LOL and doing 'adult' stuff like getting 'adult' i.d.s, and of course job hunting hihi. I'm unemployed, single and having fun! I'm actually not rushing things right now, it's my last summer without thinking about school and not stressing out about anything so I might as well have fun and wait for the serious stuff to happen.

So about this look, this is what I wore at the Playspace event by Acer. I wasn't able to attend Playspace Day 1 because of prior commitments so I was only able to attend Day 2. I asked my friend Jonard on what to wear for the event and he just said "artsy chic". haha He's not serious but I took it seriously and this is what I came up with. I'm keeping myself from wearing jeans/pants. The scorching heat in Manila is unbearable and I cannot force myself to wear clothes that seals in all the heat in my body. I opted to wear my bodycon skirt, a simple black top and this denim vest to brighten up the look. I'm going to commute so I can't risk in wearing heels and I'm too lazy to bring extra shoes so I wore my sneaker wedges! Makes me feel so tall and 'commute friendly' at the same time!;)

Black top- Ensembles | Black bodycon skirt- SM GTW| Sneaker Wedges- Forever 21

Thank you Paowee Castillo for sending me these photos and for Jonard Palteng for taking them.

Some photos during the event!

My favorite speakers! Awesome underwater photographer Mr. Gutsy Tuason and Christina Tantengco Editor in Chief of :)

and of course the much awaited UP DHARMA DOWN!!!

Fan girling at it's finest!:)

 The event was awesome and educational. We learned a lot of stuff from the guest speakers. The concept of Playspace is to play and learn at the same time. They provided us with party poppers, bubbles, pen, paper, notebook and they also hosted games to keep us entertained. Mad props to Acer for having an event like this!

So there, I'm back to blogging! I promise to keep you guys updated and sorry in advance because I'm planning to post backlogs but don't worry I'll keep it interesting. Another thing, I'm in the process of putting up my own clothing line and will sell it online soon! I'll keep you guys posted!:)

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