Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Wear Sneaker Wedges

Yes! I'm wearing sneakers! haha! I'm not the sneakers type of girl. You would usually see me wearing flats, sandals or heels. I just wear sneakers whenever I go jogging, when I hit the gym and waaay back when I still have PE classes. 

I think sneakers are chunky and makes me feel so little since I'm not blessed with model-esque height. So I don't wear sneakers most of the time and prefer sky high heels instead. That's why I'm so happy when I finally found the perfect type of sneakers for me!!! Sneaker Wedges! When I heard of it at first, I was like, "OMG Finally! A type of sneaks for petite girls like me. I can look tall even though I'm wearing this chunky pair of shoes." Admit it, most of us are not sneaker lovers because of it's chunky/bulky structure that makes you look smaller. I'm not even the sporty type of girl so I don't see any reason why I have to wear it. I'm so thankful for these sneaker wedges!!:)

Top, DIY | Shorts, my aunt's closet

 Sneaker Wedges, Forever 21

 Bracelets, Hiss Bliss

Wore this outfit to Enchanted Kingdom last December. I need a comfortable outfit so I can roam around the park easily. 

Dressing up for these pretty shoes can be really tricky. You have to choose the right outfit to make you look tall since sneakers are very chunky. Wrong choice of clothes might make your legs look fat and short. I've googled some tips on how to wear your sneaker wedges, so now I'm going to share what I learned. :)


Photo by Chiara Ferragni (left)  and a paparazzi photo of Rosie Huntington Whitely (right)

Since sneaker wedges are chunky, you have to balance it by looking slender and long. Skinny jeans are fitted enough to show your legs so you can still look stylish when wearing sneaker wedges. Another trick is to tuck the end of the jeans to your sneaks so your legs will look thinner.


Photo from madisonmag.com.au
Who says you can't wear your favorite printed pants with sneaker wedges? Of course you can! You just have to make sure that your pair of sneaks are in one color only. You have to consider that your pants will produce a lot of colors and patterns so you have to balance it off with your one color sneaks.

Photo from KisforKani

Paparazzi photo of Kate Bosworth

Sneakers make you look sporty so give your outfit a feminine touch with a high-low/mullet or maxi skirt. The long illusion that the skirt gives you is perfect to balance the large effect of your sneaker wedges.

Photo from WhoWhatWear


Photo from http://cheeeechow.blogspot.com
 Short skirts and shorts are perfect for sneaker wedges since they show your legs. The more you show your legs, the taller you would look like. Again it balances the chunky effect of the sneaks so your legs won't look fat and short.

Another tip is, try wear blazers or jackets just like the 3rd photo. Since you're already wearing a short skirt, balance the chunkiness from below and make a scene on the upper part of your body. Layer off a jacket,  blazer or a pull over. 
Photo from http://heelsandsole.com

Photo from Aimee Song of SongOfStyle

Photo from http://cheeeechow.blogspot.com

Photo from http://cheeeechow.blogspot.com

Photo from Chictopia

Photo from http://caseyscollection.blogspot.com
Now, we all know how to wear these pretty pair of sneakers! Glad to share these tips with you guys and I hope you learned from what I shared. Anyway, I'm back with school works. It's our preliminary exams week so I have a lot of studying to do! I'm just taking a break by working on my back logs. I'll post a series of fashion how-to tips next time!:)



Liezyl Gomez said...

what i like about sneaker wedges are that they are comfortable and they give you height!!

Ivanna said...

I love these.

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