Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hi everyone! I guess my post title says it all, I'm desperate so I know I have to blog about this. I need your help! Please visit my site I made this for our Interactive Advertising class. We are required to make our own site and monitor our pageviews. We need a minimum of 750 freakin pageviews so please help me! I need you guys to click EVERY PAGE. Yes visit every page (home, contact, gallery etc.) That's how the pageviews counter works. So please if you have spare time or if you're bored please visit my site. My grade for this class depends on this.

Another is PLEASE LIKE OUR GROUP'S FB PAGE This is also for our Interactive Advertising Class. We are asked to make a video but we haven't uploaded it yet. It'll be up tomorrow and again I need likes for this page and our video. I'll post the link of the video soon once it's uploaded but for the meantime please like our page first. Sorry for the interruption :P

 Please and Thank you!♥

Friday, September 28, 2012

Freeway Ensembles Solo PRE-HOLIDAY SALE up to 70% off

Do it early, do it smart and enjoy your Christmas! 

Shop early with the PRE-HOLIDAY SALE of your fave brands Freeway,Ensembles and Solo. Be it for yourself or for your loved one, you'll definitely find something great as markdowns are up to 70%OFF! Sale starts tomorrow September 27. :)

P.S. I can't believe I'm posting about retail brand holiday sales right now! Time flies sooo fast! Few months left before Christmas!!! I'm psyched, it's my favorite time of the year!:)

Own a Dell Notebook?Get Your Free Medium Yogurt or Waffle With Yogurt at Red Mango!

Dell is having another promo for all Dell owners. Just present your Dell laptops to RED MANGO, GREENBELT 3 and you may have a choice of FREE MEDIUM YOGURT or WAFFLE with YOGURT!

So bring those Dell laptops to RED MANGO, Greenbelt 3 now and avail your frozen yogurt!:)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tutti Frutti

I'm getting used to this habit of blogging during the wee hours. I guess it's because of the internet connection. Weird but our connection seems to be faster during wee hours. So let's get it on with this so I can hit the sheets shall we?

So this is my second outfit for the shoot with Kyle. The one I talked about in my last post. I wanted something colorful and breezy so I've decided to wear this. I've worn this top and skirt from my past outfit posts but not in this combination. It's a matter of mixing and matching girls!
1.Top, Unica Hija 2. Skirt, ARF Clothing
Ignore my face, I don't look good while eating fro yo. And oh, the reason behind my 'tutti frutti' title is because of this fro yo. haha! We tried Tutti Frutti (a fro yo cafe) fro yo for the sake of using it's chairs and tables for the shoot.hahaha! The fro yo tastes good anyway! :)
3. Shoes, Forever 21
My pretending-to-fix-my-shoe-pose hahaaha
4.Necklace, shop dress up doll
5. Nail decals, Clickers PH  6.Metal Handcuff, Hiss Bliss

Collage by Kyle

Again Mad props to Kyle Shih for these wonderful photos! Visit his site/online portfolio :)

By the way, I don't have iTunes right now and I'm so pissed that I know I have to mention it here in my blog. hihi. But swear I am! I can't live without my iTunes! I always arrange it and make sure all the titles, artists albums are correct! I've tried uninstalling and re-installing it over and over but it always end up having this error14001. I can't update my iPad as of the moment.hnnng and now I have to face the fact that I have to re-arrange it all over again once I have it back. Can you imagine my misery?pft.

Anyway, so excited for the first years for tomorrow's Freshmen Walk! Finally after several attempts :)) I wish you all a good night sleep!


Friday, September 21, 2012

The Off Price Show

The Off-Price Show
Lifestyle Brands, Discount Shopping

Do you remember the first Off Price Show that happened last March? I blogged about it here. Anyway, if you weren't able to come and shop last March, you'll have the chance to shop this September! The Off Price Show is a shopping event with lots of lifestyle brands selling their products in a very discounted price, see the poster for more details. 

Last March, I was able to shop clothes for myself and my family. I shopped clothes from Bershka and Zara. My mom and dad shopped with me as well. We were all thrilled because of the discounted prices. I bought 3 clothes in just 1,500! cool huh? Scroll down for more details regarding this event and i'll see you this September 28-30 at the World Trade Center!

World-class shoppers no longer have to go to high-end stores to own a lifestyle item with their favorite brand name sewn on the label. They can now shop to their heart’s content without breaking the bank through the growing number of outlet stores, discount retailers, and off-price shops selling brands at discount prices.

First-tier brands recognize this that even the likes of Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Gap, and The Limited have been selling their collection at off-price stores like TJ Maxx and discount chains like Filenes Basement and Syms in New York.

This year, an exciting off-price retail concept will be introduced to the Philippine shopping scene via The Off-Price Show, Manila. The show brings together a wide selection of lifestyle brands for every male, female, and child ages 5 to 50 years old, and always looking for the opportunity to own premium lifestyle brands at the right price (50% to 80% off).

Raffle Draws  - chance to win BDO ecobags, different merchandise from participating brands, yearly subscription from ROGUE magazine

Fashion Shows – The Fashion Academy Manila will be showcasing different merchandise of the participating brands with ELITE models during five (5) fashion shows during the three (3) day show.

Stylista – The show will be featuring five (5) of manilas hottest stylists to show the visitors how to dress to impress. Their creations will be displayed in a special area of the show.

Food Center – CIBO will be providing the shows nutrients and will have their very own food station within the show venue.

 Show Partners:

Cebu Pacific
SMART Telecommunications
Business Mirror
Rogue Magazine

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dressing Up and Down

How are you? Successful week so far. I'm done with my 24 sketches and my thesis adviser chose her top 12 designs already! I'm so thrilled to choose 7 designs and actually make it all real!:)

Anyway about this outfit, it's been humid lately. I don't like the bipolarity of the weather so I've decided to wear a blazer in case it rains and a pair of shorts to keep it casual. This is one of my favorite dress down looks. I know you recognize this blazer, I've worn this lots of times already. I just love how comfortable it is and how unique the prints are!:)

So I went out for a shoot with my friend Kyle. You should watch out for him soon, I know he'll be an awesome fashion photographer! We visited the Centris Walk in QC. It's my first time to roam around that place and I can tell that if you're up for a lunch date, dinner date or just plain hanging out, head off to Centris Walk. It's like a park with a line up of restaurants, coffee shops, milk tea places and many more. There's minimal crowd so it's a good place to study, and detox from work.hihi :D

1. Blazer, mom's closet 2.Shorts, Zara

3.Shoes, Aldo
 4.Necklace, shop dress up doll 5.Cuff, Hiss Bliss

Photos by Kyle Shih

Photography wise, this is one of the best outfit photos that I had so far. Huge thanks to Kyle for these awesome photos! He's doing freelance right now, if you're looking for a photographer, you can visit his blog/portfolio :)

I'm hitting the sheets now.Good night!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Confident.  Achiever.  Responsible.  Witty.  Sensitive.  Passionate.  Committed.  Meet the new breed of pogi.  These days, being pogi is more than just having naturally good looks, it’s about having the right attitude that truly makes the difference. 

And leave it to internet action star Ramon Bautista to show us what being pogi is all about.  A multi-talented achiever, comedian, filmmaker, producer and U.P. film professor, he proves that it’s the character and confidence that makes the man.  After all, a handsome man is but an empty shell for a big personality! 

So don’t just be a pretty face, be #LikeAPogi! Just like Ramon, put your personality at the forefront and charm your way to the top with wit, humor, and dashing confidence just #LikeAPogi!

Watch #LikeaPOGI video on Youtube:

Twitter Hash Tag: #LikeaPOGI



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HIATUS, Instagram and Everything In Between

First time to make a blog post using instagram photos! Well they're not all instagram photos but most of them are. Anyway, these photos shows what I'm doing lately and what keeps me busy. I rarely take my outfits recently because I'm in school most of the time so I'm always in uniform. I also tend to leave my camera at home so I don't have anything high def to use for my outfit photo!haha! I just have to update you guys once in a while so I've decided to make this blog post. Even though I don't post outfits that much recently, I'd be happy to tell you guys what I've been up to for the past few weeks/months. 

I uploaded these instagram photos because my instagram is the very visually updated social media that I have right now. I'm warning you, this post is longer than the usual so you can close this tab now if you're really busy. :P

Here it goes...

My date with Aivan and Jonard last July at Yabu!Yuuuum! This photo makes me crave for Yabu!
My HOHOL (hang out hang out lang) days with my friends at Zentea Dahlia.
with Anton and Yelyy. YAY I'm wearing my uniform!haha I rarely post photos here in my blog wearing my uniform so here you go!:)

 My top most priority this 2012, my thesis. haha! This is the photo that I took when i started sketching my 50 designs of shoes and bags as a requirement for my fashion thesis. Ethnic print eh? I'll reveal this soon!
Mezza Norte nights with my friends. I'm so happy there's Mercato located in the North side of the Metro already! It's open every Thursday- Saturday of the week at UP Ayala Technohub.

I took my sister out for a date! We had lunch at Secret Recipe Megamall. We had pasta and cake! So Italian!:)

Spontaneous Saturdays with my high school and elementary friends. You can't keep me inside the house on weekends and I guess everyday as well. haha I love going out, wherever, whoever, whenever with moolah or without. haha!
I love singing with my girlies at the back of the pick up! Lakas maka tabing ilog.haha

 Since I'm such a schoolgirl nowadays, I hang out with my UST friends. We visited Via at her dorm.

 I've been invited by my friend Cams, former Ms. Commerce and Ms. UST 2nd runner up to be a judge in their pageant the Mr. and Ms. Marketing at UST recently.
 Taking a break from school works by visiting the nearest Moonleaf Tea Shop!:)


My 50 shoe and bag designs. I was soooo happy when I finished this! I didn't sleep at all. I'm so blessed to have my mom to help me rendering til the morning. 

 Vanity with classmates. haha!

Our 4th year retreat at Calaruega. Very relaxing 3- day break from text messages, the social media, school works and other things. Just plain relaxation and reflection. 

 If you think I'm done sketching, then you're wrong.haha My sketches were down to 24! My adviser chose 24 designs from my 50 designs already and we're now required to transfer this to a bigger sketchpad. So that means more sketching and rendering. Good luck teh.

 Honestly, I'm emotionally down for the past few days so I really need the perfect distraction right now. Good thing I have my friends who'll stick up with me through thick and thin. Here's one of my comfort food. BELGIAN WAFFLE. The hell with my diet, I need this. 

So there I hope this explains my blogging hiatus. I can't promise anything right now but I'll make sure to update my humble blog once in a while :) Thesis first!hehe

It's nearly 3am and I'm really not that sleepy, I have lots of things in my mind lately besides school works and the usual. Though this may seem usual because it's old news, it's different for me. I know you have no idea what I'm talking about right now but I can't really go into full details because it's too personal. I just want to share bits and pieces for the sake of venting it out and putting it into writing. This has something to do with my being 'emotionally down' for the past few days. Let's just say I'm trying not to think about it but not trying to forget. I'm avoiding extra damages and heartbreaks. I'm doing my best to keep my mind and emotions away from these things. Forgive the vagueness of these sentences but I just think that this is another way to vent it all out.sigh.

In other aspects, I'm okay. My thesis is smooth sailing and I can tell that I'm doing great with studies. I think I just need the perfect distraction not to think of this thing or maybe things that's bothering me right now.

Anyway I have to cut this now or else I'll be dwelling in more of this down in the dumps feeling. There's a lot of things to be happy about right now. I'm so blessed to have these people around me who'll cheer me up no matter what. :)

P.S. I dedicate this blog post to my girl friends( Laih, Mica, Ash, Ching, Jade, Sarah, Jossa, and Rachelle) for cheering me up these past few days. To Cheto and my sister for listening and to Marco for the advises and for reminding me to smile more often.haha! Love you guys, lamnyoyan!

How's September for you so far?and oh, have you guys heard of Foster the People coming to Manila for a concert? Just found out about it today and I'm psyched! I'm definitely not missing this one!:)