Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boundless Traveler

Named this outfit post after the event I've attended, The Wrangler Road Show at Robinson's Manila. So this is what I wore to the event. I want something comfortable because the weather's having it's mood swings again and I'll commute to the venue. I wore my perfect fitting jeans so it will match the event. haha! 

Oh God how I miss posting outfits! I haven't posted in weeks! I'm busy as hell. I even forgot to take photos of my outfits recently.haha! So here ya go...

 1.Knitted Poncho Top, Forever 21 2. Black Skinny jeans, Bench

 3. Necklace SuperSale Bazaar
 4. Platform Wedges, Forever 21

So I'll make this quick!Have to go downstairs for dinner!


Wrangler Fall-Winter 2012 Collection

Wrangler Fall/Winter 2011
Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveler

August 2012, Philippines Wrangler leads you to explore a boundless adventure with a new-found freedom and energy by introducing its new advertising campaign, “Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveler” in the Fall/Winter of 2012.

The Boundless Traveler demonstrates a free spirit on the open road who knows no boundaries. It is about exploring, feeling alive, going on adventures, and embracing unlimited possibilities.

The Wrangler Fall/Winter 2012 campaign is the story of two people who travel together from morning till night. Fuelled by the adrenalin rush of discovery, they are always on the move and eager to explore their next destination with functional yet edgy outfits for every journey. 

 It begins with the colors of sunrise – a gradient of colors from red, orange to blue – inspiring the journey. Early Risers travel in style and comfort with bright-colored tops and lightweight denim bottoms, which evoke a modern vintage look. Layer with scarves and jackets to serve as protection throughout the travel.

Modern, functional and utilitarian outfits are the best companion on the way to the Boundless City. Throw on a cape or a jacket, with details such as zips and strings, in navy blue, viridis and biking red. Pair them with Wrangler’s packable reversible series, cargo shorts, organic denim and acid wash jeans. 

As evening unfolds, neon lights start to dominate the city at Midnight. It’s time to dress up, hit the road and party with hints of metallic and shimmer to stand out from the crowd.

Anchored by its denim heritage, Wrangler aims to create contemporary outdoor looks fit for travelers.

Check out the Wrangler Fall/Winter 2012 collection at Wrangler boutiques and leading department stores nationwide!

About Wrangler

Wrangler is one of the biggest denim brands with hundred years of denim heritage. Founded in 1904, Wrangler was originally named Blue Bell, and rooted as a work wear company specializing in Overalls. In 1947, the name Wrangler was born, which means “working cowboy”. Since then, Wrangler has delivered denim innovation and authentic craftsmanship, and stayed true to its devotion to denim history.

For more information about Wrangler, please visit

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My Everyday Beauty Kit

I got a lot of messages after my first beauty review asking me to make a blog post about my beauty kit or as what Filipina girls call as 'Kikay Kit'. I know every girl has this kit in their bags anytime, anywhere, maybe a few boys as well.haha! Anyway, here's my everyday beauty kit. I actually have two beauty kits, the other one is smaller and the other one is soo big that it can occupy 50% of the space in my bag. 

My bigger kikay kit is consist of make up, lotion, perfume, toothbrush and toothpaste, wipes, and other items for hygienic purposes. I bring it whenever I know I'll be doing a lot of things or I'll be busy as hell. My small kikay kit is for on the go days and school days. I don't put too much make up at school, I just wear my day make up and that's it. Wearing heavy make up at school everyday is a torture to your skin, your skin needs a break as well you know.

So here's my everyday kikay kit!

It's consist of a liquid foundation, concealer, face powder, mascara, eyelash curler, lip balm, my everyday color lip stick, and brow powder. I use these everyday for my day make up.

1. Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in Natural Beige.
This is gotta be my favorite foundation! It doesn't make your face feel sticky and oily. Other foundations tend to make you feel icky after applying it but this one doesn't. It gives your face a flawless cover and oil free look!

 2. Maybelline The Magnum Volume Express Waterproof Mascara.
Another favorite! I have thin and short lashes and this mascara gives it a longer and volumized look. It's waterproof so even if you're doing intense activities and acquire sweat, it doesn't smudge off. I love how it gives a falsies effect.

 3. Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder
I've been loyal to this face powder since my first year in college! It's got to be the best so far. It gives your face a clean and fresh look!

4. My In2It brow powder.
I must say you can acquire good make up in cheap prices. It gives your brow a long lasting shape in a very affordable price! I can't live without this palette. I have thin brows, by thin i mean thin hair strands, it's very light so I need this to give my face a shape by having greatly done eyebrows.

 5. Nyx Lippies
Don't you just love NYX lippies? They have the best colors! I wear light colored lippies at school such as coral, pink, nude, tan etc. I don't want to overdone my everyday look by smacking off vibrant and bold hues.

 6. Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava, 7. Chap Stick in Strawberry
Another I-can't-live-without items. I make sure to dab off these lip balms before putting on my lipstick. I hate having chapped lips so these things do the magic!:) 

8. Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer
The best thing I use to hide my blemishes. My face is acne prone. I used to have lots of pimples when I was in my early college years. I'm so thankful nowadays that I only experience pimple attack whenever my period is coming. Anyway, I have pimple marks and other blemishes so I hide them using my ever reliable concealer. One of the best concealers I've acquired so far.

9. Clinique Mini brush set
This is my on the go brush set. It has a lip brush, eye shadow brush and blush on brush. I always bring it for emergency purposes.

10. ELF Eyelash Curler
The eyelash curler that has the perfect curves for my eyes. It reached my inner lashes as well and gives my lashes the perfect curl so I don't need to stick on some falsies.

11. Victoria's Secret Sheer Love White Cotton and Pink Lily Luminous Lotion
This cannot fit in my everyday beauty kit but I put it inside my bag as well. This is a lotion/ perfume for me. I love the scent of this lotion, best scent in the world!charot!haha!but really! It's a luminous lotion so it has tiny glittery particles whenever you use it.

There you go, I'm really glad to share this to you guys. What are your 5 beauty essentials? It's your time to share it to me, just comment in this post! Can't wait to see your answers!:)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The COTTON PROJECT: Romancing the Great Outdoors

The Cotton Project explores wardrobe dictations fit for braving the wind chills for the anticipated turn of the season. This new line introduces a mélange of updated looks from tops, jackets and layering essentials catering to the youthful demographic of fashion forward go-getters. 

Whipping out styles perfect for the outdoors, Cotton Project marvels on the trend of layering from a generous offering of shearlings, puff jackets, and trench coats in muted and organic hues of gray, beige and whites with pops of color from wine and olive. 

With this newest fashion exploration, while still bannering the brand’s stand on marrying form and function, the retail powerhouse’s philosophy succeeds in redefining ready-to-wear with comfort meticulously coalescing with style

Check out Hang Ten's newest collection in their branches nearest you!:)

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Eyes Lips Face: Get the Smokey Eye Look

I think it's my first time to do a beauty review and I'm really excited about it! So here it goes..

I got this Smokey Eye set from E.L.F. last July as their birthday gift! I'm so happy when I got their gift because smokey eyes is my favorite look. You see I have chinky eyes and I think this make up really makes my eyes look bigger. Anyway here's what's inside the box!

 1. ELF Lengthening and Defining Mascara 2.ELF Brightening eyelines 3.ELF Brightening Eye Color 4.ELF Eyelash curler 5.ELF Professional Smudge stick

 Here's the ELF Lengthening and Defining Mascara. I find it easy to use since the bottle is so thin, it's not keeping a huge amount of space unlike my other mascara. It also has a thin brush so it can reach your inner lashes. I always brush it off after using my volumizing mascara for a lengthy look for my lashes.

My ELF brightening eyeliner. I can't leave the house without an eyeliner, well most of the time. I have chinky eyes so I need to put an eyeliner on my eyelids so my eyes will look bigger. I'm always in a rush so sometimes I don't have enough time to use my liquid eyeliner so good thing I have this pencil liner for a clean finish! It doesn't rub off too fast as well so no worries!

This is gotta be my favorite palette of colors. I'm a smokey eye make up lover! It's very event ready! And with this pocket size ELF eye color palette, I can bring it anywhere and have my smokey eye look ready!:)

This is one of my favorite eyelash curler that I had ever! It's heavy duty and doesn't pull off your eyelashes that hard. It gives your lashes a pretty curl, well enough that you don't need to put on your falsies!
 This smudge stick is very helpful in putting eye make up especially in doing your smokey eye. It can blend your eye make up perfectly, no need to do it all over again!

ELF also included this Super Glossy Lip Shine with SPF 15 in their gift! Lip shines/lip glosses are very essential for a day look or even with your smoke eye look. It can balance both neutral and bold looks!

You've got to agree with me that this set is very essential and party ready right? It has everything that you need for a pretty smokey eye look and it's really affordable! You can also give it as a gift for your BFF, Sister, mom, girlfriend etc, I'm sure they'll love it! You can purchase this set in any ELF stands in SM department stores nationwide!:)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lace and Printed

Late post.
This outfit was taken a month ago. I forgot to post it! HAHA! Wore this to my internship on a weekday. Opted for something chic casual and semi corporate. I need to wear something appropriate for the office. You see I had an internship at One Mega Group and I was assigned at Meg Magazine but it's over now. I have to focus with thesis and other serious school stuff.:) So back to my outfit..I really love this printed blazer. Its definitely not your ordinary blazer. These prints are one of a kind! I really thank my grandma for having these unique pieces. :)

 1. Blazer, Grandma's closet 2. Lace top, Thrifted 3. Black skinny jeans, Bench
4. Necklace, Shop Dress Up Doll 5. Shoes, SO Fab

So there, I've decided to take a break from thesis and update my blog. Haven't posted outfit photos and personal entries for weeks!haha! You see I'm pretty serious with school works right now. I can't even take a picture of my outfits and attend events. Don't worry, I'll do my best to keep you updated and I apologize for missing out! Still, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I really appreciate it!

Have you joined my IGNITE giveaway already? Do scroll down, I'm giving away 5 VIP Tickets! See you this Friday!:)

photos by Kelly Medina


SM The "Lookbook" Fashion Event

Each year, SM City Fairview holds a fashion show that aims to promote mall’s fashion retail stores and to brand SM City Fairview as a fashion haven of the North East Metro in the long term. For this year, SM City Fairview will be taking it a notch higher by staging again a major fashion show to be dubbed as “Lookbook” on August 24, 2012, 6pm at the Annex Atrium, SM City Fairview.
The “Lookbook” Fashion Event will revolve around fashion trends of the season in diverse styles, statements and inspirations. The over-all concept is hinged towards digital and new media such as Facebook, Instagram, Wordpress, Twitter, etc. which are all meant to be shared.
Why Look Book?
In these times when a day is not complete without checking on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, communication is everything. And everything is about SHARING.
Thus, even the fashion world has embraced this contemporary platform to connect to a wider and younger market - a new accessory for one’s BFF is bought after seeing a stylista’s fashion blog, a pair of shoes is ordered online after being inspired from a model’s tweet.
So a fashion trend is not complete when it does not exist in the realm of social media. A simple outfit becomes a fashion ensemble when one shares it online and gains positive comments.
A personal style can be transformed into an online fashion diary and when it creates hype, it becomes a FASHION STATEMENT.
LOOKBOOK; or the online fashion diary is inherently meant to be shared. And the brands featured in one’s Lookbook are the brands that one has chosen to embrace. And by sharing, we let others understand and eventually embrace our brand.
The Biggest Fashion Event Yet
With the help of the finest production crew, stylists and the top models of the country today, it aims to be the biggest fashion event of SM City Fairview to date.
The show will feature SM City Fairview’s mix of foreign and local brands and their newest collections such as Celine (CLN), Charlie, Elle Girl, Folded & Hung, Mags, Oxygen, Penshoppe, Plains and Prints, Regatta, Sanuk, Scoop Project, Sketchers, Tomato, Una Rosa, SM Accessories, SM Men’s Fashion – Just Delivered Jeans.
With this good line-up, the event will be sliced into different segments that will echo fun, young and vibrant tones. These are FashionablyChic, PrepForSchool, NationalPartyDay and Casual Craze
To jazz-up each of the collection, Philippine Fashion Week Designer and stylist of the stars- Jot Losa will take part in the fashion show as he is tasked to do the styling.
SM City Fairview just keeps in getting better and bigger with a wide array of fashion brands making it a perfect spot for the North Metro’s fashionable people.

Mark your calendars girls and See you at the Lookbook event!


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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Coffee Passport: Another Krispy Kreme Birthday Treat Brewing Your Way

 For a world-famous doughnut and coffee brand that’s all about the gift of sharing, Krispy Kreme furthers its 75th birthday blowout with another treat in store for everyone.
Starting August 17, Krispy Kreme will be providing perks for those who delight in its Signature Coffee and wide variety of espresso-based drinks crafted just the way they like it—whether rich and bold, topped with thick foamed milk, or drizzled with syrup—as the Coffee Passport makes a comeback.
The Coffee Passport, granted to each Krispy Kreme aficionado upon purchase of a medium or large cup of Signature Coffee or espresso, gives everyone a chance to get free treats from Krispy Kreme. 

All a customer has to do is to collect stamps to fill it: one cup of Signature Coffee or espresso for one stamp, and a Brew Box or a Brew Box Jr. for two.
The completion of three stamps will get a customer a free half dozen of Original Glazed doughnuts. Six stamps will equate to a free Krispy Kreme birthday mug, while a box of a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts will be given in exchange of a dozen stamps.
These passports will be available in Krispy Kreme stores nationwide until September 30. On the other hand, stamps will be given until October 14, while redemption of the free items will extend until December 14—letting everyone revel in this one-of-a-kind goodness brought by the brand’s delightful treats until the end of its birthday year.
As it spreads joy in the most thrilling way possible, Krispy Kreme is definitely on the move to etch its flavors in the palates of many. And now, with the Coffee Passport, every trip to a Krispy Kreme store is once again made more exciting—adding delight to the brand’s one-of-a-kind offerings.

Serving world-class doughnuts and coffee since 1937, Krispy Kreme made its way to the hearts of Filipinos when it opened its first branch in the country back in 2006. Today, Krispy Kreme has outlets in 33 different locations nationwide, with hotlight stores in SM Mall of Asia, Greenhills Shopping Center, Festival Supermall Alabang, Bonifacio High Street and Cebu IT ParkYou can also visit other outlets at Trinoma, Eastwood, Greenbelt 5, Glorietta 4, Jaka Building, RCBC Plaza, Paseo Center, and Valero Street. To get more information and updates about the brand and its products, you may become a friend of Krispy Kreme by visiting or by liking Chloe at