Tuesday, July 31, 2012

uSharethis SOON!

What do you get when social networking meets shopping? A new obsession! People embracing the idea that book marking and social sharing slowly are replacing search with regards to product discovery. We’re taking that experience closer to you. Usharethis.net a social store created by the community.

An online shopping community where regular people share their uncommon finds. A movement of regular people who help each other find things they like and most of these things are affordable. It’s a portal that connects you to trending and unique products at your fingertips. Chances are there are a few other people on Usharethis.net who think like you do. This mass marketplace has become specialized just for the target market “you” and “me”. Social sharing, desire to discover as well as the sense of community all in one.
It’s shopping made easy! It’s shopping with an interesting twist!
Usharethis.net can make everything easy by putting the internet’s stores at your fingertips. It gives you the opportunity to save items you crave in a wish list. If you’re more of a window shopper, you can put items on your wish list for a rainy day. Users post, collect, organize products and follow people and stores they like. Users can visually keep track of their own shopping wish list.

Usharethis.net is a means to share your style with your friends and this means no more ugly sweaters for Christmas gift. Usharethis.net is primarily user-generated so you can trust that it’s not just one person or company throwing what they think looks good on you and it links you directly to the site where you can purchase the products. It’s like treasure hunting. Everything you want in one place.

What to expect on Usharethis.net

- Great interface. Navigation is simple and straightforward.
- Integrates well with your online presence – connect to Facebook, Twitter, your blogs and websites.
- Built in trending and sharing
- The inspiration factor – a marketplace with collections of products can provide some great ideas for themes.

We’re launching soon! In the meantime join us below to get updates.
Check out our teaser page: http://www.usharethis.net

Be @ Il Terrazzo!

MANILA, Philippines – These days thoughts and tweets are almost one and the same. We just can’t help but share what we’re thinking to the world. It’s like our minds have gone digital and invaded the social networking scene. And with the rising popularity of Foursquare and other location-tracking apps, your location is just as accessible as your tweets. Today, broadcasting one’s whereabouts has just been more than just a habit, but a social statement.

With that in mind, where you are matters! Where you dine. Where you shop. Where you unwind. Let everyone know where you are. Let them know that you’re @Il Terrazzo!


At the heart of Tomas Morato, Il Terrazzo is the home to a variety of restaurants, fitness & beauty centers, supermarket, specialty shops, and an events place. Indeed, it is the only complete lifestyle hub that merges the recreational mall atmosphere with the bustling nightlife entertainment scene unique to Tomas Morato. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Il Terrazzo has it covered.

Craving for sushi? Dine at Omakase @Il Terrazzo.

Perhaps something for your sweet tooth? Indulge at Gong Cha or Banapple @Il Terrazzo.

Yearning for some meditation? Exercise your mind and body at Beyond Yoga @Il Terrazzo.

Call for a beauty makeover? Pamper yourself at Sexy Solutions or The Lash Bar @Il Terrazzo.

Need your techie fix? Splurge at the Digital Hub or Technovox @Il Terrazzo.

Thirsty for your favorite cocktail or beer? Unwind at Jack’s Loft @Il Terrazzo.

Does your pantry need restocking? Shop groceries at Rustan’s Supermarket @Il Terrazzo.

In need of an events place? Book The Ariato Function Center @Il Terrazzo.

Needless to say, Il Terrazzo is indeed the hippest cosmopolitan center for all your lifestyle impulses. So, when someone asks where you at?

Check in @Il Terrazzo!

Il Terrazzo is located at 305 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout MadriƱan St., Quezon City, Philippines. For inquiries, call (02) 374 8378.

August 31– Blogger’s Fair & Blogging Seminar (Fashion Fair)
September 1- Blogger’s Fair & Blogging Seminar (Food Fair)

For more updates, giveaways and happenings @Il Terrazzo,

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Chic Grunge

So I'm literally taking a break from heavy workload. I've been depriving myself from the internet because it's one hell of a distraction. HAHA But I can't take it anymore, I need a break. I'm currently working on my Chapter 2, what is information overload. =))

Anyway here's what I wore to the last day of the SuperSale Bazaar. My laziness for dressing up triggered again so I just wanted to wear my favorite black lace dress. I found it boring so I tossed this denim vest for a different "chic grunge" look. Don't want to put on a monochromatic color scheme so I added colorful accessories and wore my purple heels. So, what do you think?

1. Denim Vest, Supersale Bazaar 
 2.Necklace, Ruckus
3.Bangles, Shop Dress Up Doll 

 4.Purple Heels, Folded and Hung

 Ching came to shop again on the last day of the bazaar but this time with her sisters!

 Interviewed Ms. Aly Duazo of Gold Dot for my thesis! She's lovely and sooo nice in person! Thank you so much Ms. Aly for helping me with my thesis!:)
 This bazaar wouldn't be complete without my blogger friends! 
 photo from Vern Enciso

Thank you to Jonard Palteng for taking my outfit photos!

Okay, now I have to go back to work because I need to finish chapter 2 and work on with my article for Fashion Intern. Duty Calls!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cut Out and Color Block

Even though we had a lot of class suspensions I still wasn't able to manage my blog posts because of heavy work load. I guess all thesis students understands my dilemma. I now have to work on 50 shoe and bag designs for my fashion thesis,all due this Aug 9. I have 20/50 sketches done!:)) Wish me luck, I hope I'll make it on time!

So here you go, another outfit post! This is what I wore on the 2nd day of the Supersale Bazaar. I'm such a lazy person to think of what to wear so I wore this lovely royal blue mullet skirt again with my pink bodycon dress. Yes it's a dress, I just used it as a top. I think the key to repeating clothes is to mix and match to make a new stylish outfit!:)

1.Pink dress used as top, Impulse Co. 2. Mullet Skirt, ARF

 3.Pink Pumps

Photo with my pretty friend Ching Lopez!!!:)
Hi Ching, thanks for visiting the bazaar!Hope you had fun shopping!:)

*photos by Jonard Palteng

The rain's pouring so hard and the wind's crazy. Be safe you guys!:)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012



The BARGAIN HUNT Bazaar will be held on JULY 27 (Friday) to JULY 29 (Sunday), at the New Megatent located along the avenue of Libis (C-5). Three full days of the entire weekend dedicated to shopping and bargain hunting! The bazaar will be showcasing more than 170 BRANDS, ranging from fashion products (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, make up, etc.) to an array of original Filipino food products to tickle your tongue.
The “Fashion Hunt” is more than just a jazzy name! Our shoppers are challenged to find a select few treasured items within our fashion bazaar to win great prizes! The Bargain Hunt ticket is equipped with a list of fashion treasures from different participating concessionaires that have been scattered around the venue. Every item retrieved gets you one step closer to being a grand prize winner.
FREE eco-bags will be given to each shopper upon entry for easier shopping.

 To enter the event for FREE, simply like our page at www.facebook.com/wildevents.ph! Want to sell at the event? It’s not too late! Just make a quick inquiry through wildevent.ph@gmail.com and make your product one of the treasures on the hunt!

SHOP FOR FREE at the Bargain Hunt Bazaar! Choose items worth 5,000 pesos from over 170 brands! Simply do the following:

1.       Upload on your Facebook wall Bargain Hunt’s new official poster which you can find here: http://i.imgur.com/vc7eY.jpg
2.       Gather shares and likes!!!!
3.       Link back your unique post URL to this photo thread BEFORE 11:59 PM JULY 26: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=300052833426581&set=a.259467380818460.53745.217041938394338&type=1&theater
 4.       The top 4 with the most votes get to go on a GUILT-FREE SHOPPING SPREE! <3
 Should you have any questions regarding this contest please don’t hesitate to text Vanessa at 09175575556.

Official Site: http://wildevents.ph/
Twitter: bargainhuntPH
Email Address: wildevent.ph@gmail.com



Saturday, July 21, 2012


Supersale Bazaar Day 1 outfit! I feel like Carly Rae Jepsen in this look because of the floral kimono. I bought this last Supersale Bazaar in Vern's booth, I bought it right away because she sold it to me for a very cheap price!Thank you soooo much Vern, I looove it! Anyway, this look is very comfy! Perfect for the chic bazaar look.hahaha!

1. Floral Kimono, Vern Enciso 

2.Shoes, Forever 21 3.Necklace, shop dress up doll

lol :))

P.S. Thank you to Jonard Palteng for these awesome outfit shots! I look freakishly tall!hahaha thanks babe!:*


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Purple and Fringe

Hi guys! Sorry for back log posts, I've been so busy with school and recent events lately so I'll try my best to keep up with my blog posts.

Anyway, here's what I wore to the Alcatel event! Opted for something casual, chic and something suited for the bipolar weather. So here's what I came up with....

1. White jewel ring, SM Accessories 2.Diamond ring and bangles, shop dress up doll
3. Fring pullovers, Forever 21 

 4. Nude Platform Wedges, Forever 21
 5. Caramel Bag, Tomato

6.Necklace, shop dress up doll 

Will post more outfit photos soon!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sneak Peak: Some items for Supersale Bazaar!

SuperSale Bazaar Mid Year Season Sale

It’s always a tricky scenario to turn our calendar’s page to July. It brings out some positive and negative vibes- either we’re glad that the year is on its second half or feel time quickly passed us by. This is also the time when our hearts and minds are ready for fall fashion, yet summer's warm temperatures linger on, forcing us to wait a little longer to fully embrace the new season's styles. However, the good news is that you can begin to incorporate rainy weather touches such as a light jacket into your look when it's still a little warm outside.

The SuperSale Team never shies away from a challenge; in fact, we thrive off them! Whether it's narrowing down the season's top trends, sleuthing through hundreds of items to find the best products, or piecing together our next bazaar. We love tackling big projects on your behalf. After all, nothing pleases us more than gathering your favorite local designer brands from clothes to shoes to accessories like Abby Jocson, Moonshine, Celline, Glitterati, School of Satchel, Queen Street, Sole Service, Posh Pocket Shoes, S&H, Gold Dot, Das My Shoes, The Souq Intl., I love Koi, Soak Swimwear, Apartment 8, Eight One, and Digital Train Case.

But of course the heavy lifting doesn't stop there, we've also rounded up loads of new upcoming brands to help you spruce up your wardrobes like MADE jeans, Tocande, Tutum Shop, Heliana, Flying Dutchman, Rolu and Satchi, Saint Rebel, Erb and Chet, Vishoes, Toni and Berne, Flutter, Satchmi, Tsunami Swimwear, Pirouette, Cultus Couture and much more-which means we will be having 300 new local brands and some of your favorite ones at this year’s SuperSale Bazaar Mid Year Season Sale on July 13-15, 2012 at The World Trade Center from 10am-9pm.

While fall is not quite here yet, the team has asked the brands to put their past collections on sale and release their new collections as well. Yes, you may now replace your pastel and tangerine tango colors to burnt orange, eggplant and deep teal hues. To get ahead in the latest fashion trends and to those who just cant leave the lady-light trends of summer, the SuperSale Bazaar is the perfect shopping fete for you. Staying true to the team’s philosophy, it’s the time of the year once again for the annual 90% off half-year reductions during the payday weekend.

* For the Benefit of World Vision, helping build a better world for children.
* For inquiries email us at supersalebazaar@yahoo.com or contact us at +63917-8013772. Visit

So to give you a sneak peak, here are the items I'm selling for SuperSale Bazaar this weekend!:)

I'll be selling these 3 amazing dresses by student designer Tricia Platon :) If you're interested, please email me asap nicooolesantos@yahoo.com OR TWEET ME @spellnicole

Standard model size as seen in the picture. As featured in the most recent UST College Of Fine Arts and Design MODE Fashion Show.

Black with Gold 6,000php- Last price 5, 500 Php!

Gold with bow detail 5,800php- Last price 5,200 php

Silver sequined dress with bow detail 5,800php- Last price 5,200 php

I'm selling more necklaces and rings again for 100-200 pesos only!!!:)

Items from Renz Pangilinan, Joyce Ledesma and Via Bergantinos will be sold as well for low prices!SEE YOU THERE!XX

I'll be giving away free passes to the SSB! Watch out for my giveaway on my twitter account!:)