Friday, December 7, 2012

The New Glorietta Vibe Experience

So I think almost everyone heard about this record breaking event, The New Glorietta Vibe Fashion Show. It was held last November 29, 2012 at the New Glorietta, Palm Drive. I'm honored to be a part of this record breaking event. 

A week before the fashion show, I got a text from Ms. Dian Dela Cruz of Freeway, Ensembles and Solo. She's asking me to model for them for the show. At first I was half- hearted about it because my graduation photoshoot was scheduled that day but I figured it's a record breaking event and it's a once in a lifetime experience so I must give it a go! So I said yes to Ms. Dian, rescheduled my graduation photoshoot and there I was part of the show!haha

I'm warning you, this is a photo heavy blog post! Scroll down to know more about my New Glorietta Vibe experience!

Our call time was 8am but I arrived at Glorietta at around 8:30-9am because of the heavy traffic in EDSA(what's new) I was with my friends Renz, Ron, EJ and Jovie, they modeled for Lee. We saw the line,  and it was long so we went to Starbucks first to have some coffee and wait for the line to shorten. When we came back, there's no line anymore. We we're assigned to different stations. Freeway, Ensembles and Solo models are assigned at Stage 5. I registered and waited for my fellow bloggers Rovie and Kat.

I meet up with Rovie. We're both wearing our sunnies in this photo. The heat's unbearable! 

We had rehearsals in the morning before we go to our holding area for briefing.

With Kat and Rovie
So here's our schedule for the day!

After our briefing and lunch at the holding area, we visited The Row and took our outfit photos!haha Blogger mode :))

Effort diba?:))

We changed our clothes, did our make up and had our hair set for the show! I'm assigned for Ensembles. Ensembles holds corporate and chic clothes so our hair was styled in a sleek ponytail. My forehead's flashing. I don't like my huge forehead that's why I have bangs but I had no choice that day, I had to follow the styling team. haha! I hope I was able to carry it!:))

Here's my sleek up do.
Before the show! We're all dolled up!:)
With Ms. Dian!:)
Our holding area. Models waiting for the show to start.
Saw our fellow bloggers Sarah and Tracy! They're modeling for Folded and Hung, also some of the bloggers.

My Cotton On model/ Cosmo Bachelor friend Mikko hahahaha who modeled for Bench! It was nice seeing you Mikko!:)

While waiting for our turn to walk down the runway!haha

Tadah! It's my turn! Please tell me I don't look weird!haha I'm not used to Corporate attire! But this dress was really gorgeous! Photo from Angel Rodriguez Thanks Angel :*
Taray! haha Good thing my friend Mark Buenaobra of Style Bible was able to take a photo of me while doing the catwalk.haha! Thank you Mark!:*

After the show! Kat changed into her clothes already!:)

As usual my stage parents! Mom, Dad and Ninang Vin! hihi I'm so happy they came to watch me! Forever thankful!:)

Changed into my clothes already!:)

Kat and I.

I'd like to thank Freeway, Solo and Ensembles for having me! I won't forget this record breaking experience! Thank you Ms. Dian for this opportunity! I love these brands forever! One of the brands who loves their bloggers so much! :)

Don't forget to shop at Freeway, Solo and Ensembles this Christmas!:)

Thank you Rovie for some of the photos!:)


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