Monday, December 3, 2012

Salmon and Stripes

Finally a decent up to date outfit post! haha! Though this was taken a week ago, I still think it's recent. Anyway is it just me or does December feel like summer? Seriously the heat is insane! I've been wearing lots of summer-y outfits lately. I thought this season's for sweater and pullovers? What happened to the weather? 

Anyway, let me share you what I wore last week. I wore this when I went to Ocean Park with the whole family. My grandmother's been dying to see it since she's too old and not capable to go to different places by herself, we all went there and spent Sunday together. As to my outfit, I want something nautical since we're going to an underwater experience..(yess tumetema!) haha! It's really hot that day so I opted to wear something comfy yet chic. 

I love my shorts that I got from SM kids! Actually it's a skort. It's pair a shorts with pretty pleats that can be mistaken for a skirt. I'm so happy that it's comes with this color, Salmon! It's one of my favorite colors. It matches my personality.

1. Top, SM GTW 2.Shorts, SM Kids 3. Bag, Gifts Ahoy

4. Belt, SM Accessories 5. Charm Bracelet, Hiss Bliss
6. Necklace and Rings, Love Diva
7. Flats, Kickers

8. Sunnies, Shop at Tops

By the way, I'm planning of getting my own domain soon! Any suggestions of what should I name it?:)

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