Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Off Duty

This is what I wore last Thursday to Glorietta for the record breaking event, The New Glorietta Vibe Fashion Show and Launch. I modeled for Ensembles! It was a hot and sunny day so I want something comfy since I know the rehearsals are scheduled in the morning. This chiffon high waited shorts and black sheer top is perfect for the scorching heat. 

1. Top, SuperSale Bazaar 2. Shorts, SM Kids courtesy of ARC PR

Another pair of shorts that I fell in love with! It's from SM Kids as well just like the one in my last blog post. The red color+ polka dot details is a perfect combo!:)

I titled this post 'Off Duty', why? haha! I just think if I were a real model as in the skinny-super tall-famous-in demand one, I'd be wearing something like this for my rehearsals, and model off duty times! haha! Something casual + carefree and something that I can flaunt my long legs! Why not diba? If you have it,gow!:))

3. Necklace and Rings, Hiss Bliss 4. Shoes and Bangle, Forever 21

Excuse my blue wrist band, the ayala team made all the models wear this wrist band for the holding area assignment. 

Thank you Kat Valdez for taking these photos:*

I will post about my record breaking experience here!Stay Tuned!:)


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