Monday, November 26, 2012

Zig Zag

This outfit was taken a month ago! I forgot to post it! haha! Anyway sorry for my blogging hiatus, this is really a busy year for me because of my thesis. I have to set my priorities and school is on the top of my list if I want to graduate this March LOL.

 As I promised, I'll keep you updated once in a while. So right now I can tell that I'm doing well with my thesis, I went to Baguio to buy the fabric that I need to use for my shoes and bags (will post about my trip soon) working on with my book and collaterals while waiting for the shoes and bags to finish. I'm so happy I'm halfway done! I get nervous once in a while but I think it's just normal isn't it? haha!

Anyway back to my outfit... This is what I wore to Kreesha's 18th birthday at Packo's Grill Tomas Morato a few weeks ago. It's a small but awesome celebration with her family and closest friends. I wore this outfit for a lazy casual night out look :)

1. Top, Unica Hija 2. Skirt, SM GTW

 3. Shoes, SO!Fab
 4. Necklace, bought online 5. Cuff, HissBliss

 *excuse this face haha

Will update you once in a while I promise! Wish me luck and pray for me for my thesis! Thank you so much!

Oh btw, I will walk for the world's biggest fashion show this Thursday for Ensembles, The New Glorietta Vibe Fashion Show at Palm Drive 6pm! I'm psyched! See you there?:)


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Nicole said...

I like your shoes :) and you should smile more often with your pics, you look prettier with a smile on ;) Keep it up! And goodluck sa thesis!