Monday, November 26, 2012


 I know, another late-yet-still-worthy-to-blog-about post! hahaha! My Halloween Costume! I was Pocahontas this Halloween 2012! This costume was from my friend Sarah Garcia, she used this for her Creative shot for her Graduation shoot. She let me borrow it for Halloween! I love this costume because it really looks like Pocahontas' outfit in the Disney movie 'Pocahontas'. But a lot of my friends are teasing me that I should've dressed up as Mulan instead. Boo. hahaha! I guess I don't have to post any outfit details because this was custom made for my friend's shoot!haha!:) 

Achieve ba ang Pocahontas look ko? Achieve naman diba?haha!:)

 So tell me, am I too late to share my Halloween costume? It's not yet the end of November isn't it? hahaha! Kidding I know I'm so late! Anyway I have to hit the sheets now! Good night!



Nerza said...

I love your pocahontas costume :)

roviedear said...

super cute nito nicole!!! :D i had fun on our bonding last ava vibe!! :D:D see you again soon!

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