Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I went to Greenbelt last Sunday with my sister for a quick shoot for a magazine feature. I was asked to dress up in military style/print and this is what I came up with. The weather was dry and hot so I wore my favorite casual look, blazer,tank and shorts. I'm so happy that I could still pull off the Military look in this get up. Anyway, just check out these photos.

1. Blazer, from Jonard (hihi thanks babe!) 2.Shorts, Soiree by SM Department Store 3.Bag, Tomato

4. Booties, Aldo
5.Ring 1, Cotton Candy Accessories 6. Ring, Earrings, Gunmetal Cuff  Hiss Bliss
7. Necklace, Via Accessories

I also style my sister for our Sundate! I want her to be in Military style as well! She's soooo tall. I feel so small even though I always wear heels :|

1. Sheer Top, Folded and Hung 2.Shorts, Zara 3.Vest, Just G. 

4. Necklace, shop dress up doll 5. Bangles, shop dress up doll
6.Shoes, SM Parisian

We went to Trinoma after the shoot to visit the Wrangler VIP Lodge. Will tell about my Wrangler experience soon!:)

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