Friday, October 12, 2012

Foster The People Live in Manila!

No words can explain how awesome this concert was! This is probably one of the best concerts I've watched in my entire life so far! Btw, sorry for posting this a week after the concert. It's finals week so I've been busy with exams and thesis. Good news is, sembreak naaaaa!yaaaaay :) 

Anyway back to the concert, Mark Foster was a crazy performer. I swear there was no idle moment since he graced the stage. He practically played all the instruments present. He's sooo awesome, they're all awesome. God, I can't describe how hyped I was that night, my sister, friends and I were singing and dancing along with FTP but I'll let you scroll down now to see the pictures my friend, Garry took that night. Enjoy!

Front Act: Techy Romantics

Foster The People.AAAAHHH I love them! I was so surprised when he came out, we're both wearing white blazers!hihihi (so kinilig na ko nun) :))

Meet my concert buddies! Ashley, Lylet, Mica :)
I love their backdrop!

See what I mean by playing all the instruments on stage?:))

Garry and Mica
We were seated at the Upper Box! I guess the hype's the same in the Patron section. We can still listen and see clearly from our seats. We can also dance and sing freely. The experience was beyond words!

My childhood friend Kreesha and my sister Ohlyn :)

Sisterrrr! I know I'll be watching this concert with my sister because we both waited for FTP to come here and we promised each other that we're not going to miss it whatever happens!:))
What are your favorite FTP songs?I have my top 3! 1. I Would Do Anything For You 2. Houdini 3. Broken Jaw
Check out the 'Torches' character inflatables!:)

I remembered Mark Foster saying they'll come back once they release their new album. I can't wait. I'll make sure to watch them again!:) See how a fan girl I am?haha!

So did anyone of you watched Foster The People last October 6? Share your experiences to me!I'd love to hear it!:)


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