Monday, October 29, 2012


I guess I have lots of blog posts in line because of recent events but let me start off by telling you all about this outfit. This is what I wore last week to the Rio Mints Backyard Party. We're asked to wear comfortable chic clothes since it's a backyard party and we're having activities. I opted to wear this blue+stripes+neon outfit. I layered on a striped poncho over my bodycon dress and gave my feet a rest day by wearing these sandals. Pretty comfy for the event!

1. Top, Forever 21 2. Dress, Forever 21

 3. Necklace, Via Accessories 4. Bracelet, Rio Mints
 4. Sandals bought at SuperSale Bazaar
Got this photo from Kelly's Instagram! We coincidentally matched neon shoes that day!haha

*Credits to Kelly Medina for the photos

Will post about the event soon!


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