Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dressing Up and Down

How are you? Successful week so far. I'm done with my 24 sketches and my thesis adviser chose her top 12 designs already! I'm so thrilled to choose 7 designs and actually make it all real!:)

Anyway about this outfit, it's been humid lately. I don't like the bipolarity of the weather so I've decided to wear a blazer in case it rains and a pair of shorts to keep it casual. This is one of my favorite dress down looks. I know you recognize this blazer, I've worn this lots of times already. I just love how comfortable it is and how unique the prints are!:)

So I went out for a shoot with my friend Kyle. You should watch out for him soon, I know he'll be an awesome fashion photographer! We visited the Centris Walk in QC. It's my first time to roam around that place and I can tell that if you're up for a lunch date, dinner date or just plain hanging out, head off to Centris Walk. It's like a park with a line up of restaurants, coffee shops, milk tea places and many more. There's minimal crowd so it's a good place to study, and detox from work.hihi :D

1. Blazer, mom's closet 2.Shorts, Zara

3.Shoes, Aldo
 4.Necklace, shop dress up doll 5.Cuff, Hiss Bliss

Photos by Kyle Shih

Photography wise, this is one of the best outfit photos that I had so far. Huge thanks to Kyle for these awesome photos! He's doing freelance right now, if you're looking for a photographer, you can visit his blog/portfolio :)

I'm hitting the sheets now.Good night!