Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hi everyone! I guess my post title says it all, I'm desperate so I know I have to blog about this. I need your help! Please visit my site I made this for our Interactive Advertising class. We are required to make our own site and monitor our pageviews. We need a minimum of 750 freakin pageviews so please help me! I need you guys to click EVERY PAGE. Yes visit every page (home, contact, gallery etc.) That's how the pageviews counter works. So please if you have spare time or if you're bored please visit my site. My grade for this class depends on this.

Another is PLEASE LIKE OUR GROUP'S FB PAGE This is also for our Interactive Advertising Class. We are asked to make a video but we haven't uploaded it yet. It'll be up tomorrow and again I need likes for this page and our video. I'll post the link of the video soon once it's uploaded but for the meantime please like our page first. Sorry for the interruption :P

 Please and Thank you!♥


Tinkerbelle said...

wow! that's a very difficult task!! good luck on your grade!! :)

checked the site already! :)

nicolethedressupdoll said...

@Tinkerbelle Thank you so much!I really appreciate it!:)