Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The COTTON PROJECT: Romancing the Great Outdoors

The Cotton Project explores wardrobe dictations fit for braving the wind chills for the anticipated turn of the season. This new line introduces a mélange of updated looks from tops, jackets and layering essentials catering to the youthful demographic of fashion forward go-getters. 

Whipping out styles perfect for the outdoors, Cotton Project marvels on the trend of layering from a generous offering of shearlings, puff jackets, and trench coats in muted and organic hues of gray, beige and whites with pops of color from wine and olive. 

With this newest fashion exploration, while still bannering the brand’s stand on marrying form and function, the retail powerhouse’s philosophy succeeds in redefining ready-to-wear with comfort meticulously coalescing with style

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