Friday, August 3, 2012

The Awkwardness Behind The Pretty Pictures

In almost 3 years of taking quality outfit shots, I must say it really takes a lot of time, effort and good lighting! As a personal style blogger, a camera and creative skills in mix and matching is a necessity. I've heard of a lot of issues regarding taking outfit photos such as bad lighting, blurred because of manual operation especially in DSLR camera users, time such as daytime and nightime, and people who are not that trained in taking outfit photos.

 I must say I'm really grateful for my dad and siblings for being soooo patient with me for taking my outfit photos. Even though sometimes I have to bribe my siblings(libre kita, bili kita nito, bigyan kita nito..etc!) because they're too lazy to take photos, still I'm really thankful!hihi! I've trained my siblings to capture great outfit shots when I first had my DSLR camera! When people asks me who takes my outfit shots, I'm soo proud to say that it's not the tripod but it's my awesome siblings!hahaha! They can really be good photographers!:))

On the other had, posing for the camera is really tricky! Everyone has their good angles! I must say I have mine too! Guess what's my angle?haha you can see it in most of my outfit shots!I also tend to look down, you see I'm not always picture perfect ready and I think people must focus on the outfit not my face!hahaha! So that's my explanation for looking down! I also try different poses to look slender and tall! I'm not tall in person you know, I'm just 5'2-5'3 so I always tell people who take my outfit photos to kneel or to go down so the angle is upwards and my legs look elongated! HAHA so there you go, I'm mentioning tips already on how to take quality outfit photos! 

It really takes me a lot of shots for the perfect set of outfit photos! Sometimes they capture me with silly and awkward poses, I just don't post them online!hahaha! I have rules in taking outfit photos, I want a whole body shot, a half body shot and detail shots! Oh for the love of blogging!=))

Anyway I'll share you these bloopers and other behind the scenes photos of taking this oh so demanding outfit shots for my humble blog.

So here's how I take a photo.. Even if I'm wearing high heels, i really squat or sit on the floor so my friend can have his/her great outfit photo!
Awkward pose # 1!:)) photos by aivan magno

Awkward pose # 2!!! The air was blowing sooo hard so they caught me in this pose!:)) Very wa poise!
See how bloggers take effort?:)) We demand an uno for this!(The highest grade we have in college)
Awkward pose #3!! Walking awkward!hahahaha!
Awkward pose #4! I'm so not ready in this picture!:))

So yes people can see you and sometimes I think they're wondering what's up with people like us putting so much effort in taking outfit photos! Just like this Kuya guard at SMX! hahaha!He even joined me in the picture! I admit I sometimes get shy in posing for the camera because people are watching :)) Sometimes, I just think "Hindi naman nila ako kilala,sana hindi." (They don't know me, i wish they don't)
My friends goofing around while I'm asking Jossa to take my outfit photo!:)))

These photos we're taken a year ago. See how Jossa and I think of poses and being silly behind the camera:))

There you go, I must have humiliated myself with how awkward I am in these photos! Haha Nevertheless, I'm so glad to share these to you guys and I hope I was able to help you with the few tips I've mentioned in this blog post!:))

Anyway check this out! I'm Intern of The Month and Campus Ambassador of UST! Thank you and Ms. Trish!xx



Anonymous said...

Very nice pics congrats !

Lemuel Urieta said...

Cool post! I also have issues when posing for the camera. haha! This is really helpful. Thanks Nicole!