Thursday, August 2, 2012

Street Comic

This is the impromptu shoot I'm talking about with my awesome blogger friends Aivan Magno and Jonard Palteng. We planned to have a Yabu lunch date and JCO donuts one afternoon. Kelly Medina was supposed to come with us but unfortunately, he has work that day so he wasn't able to make it. We also had a mini shoot for Aivan's pop art shirts! I bet you'll all love them! It's not your ordinary cotton shirt! It has fabulous comic prints that you can mix and match in any outfit!

We couldn't find a decent venue for the shoot around megamall so we went outside and decided to take pictures at the St Francis Square and Megamall overpass!hahaha! A lot of people were staring at us but we don't mind.:)) I was just worried the whole time because the guards might catch us! I don't know if we're allowed to just take pictures there or if we need a permit. HAHA! Nevertheless, we still pushed through with the overpass idea:))

Here's our take in wearing this shirt by applying our own style!:)

I wore this shirt with a red blazer, black high waisted shorts to show some skin and of course I want to look extra taller with my platform wedges! I want a chic girly street look with this pop art shirt! Aivan let me borrow his awesome mixtape bag! Cute eh?

 1. Red Blazer, Given by my babe Jonard Palteng:") 2. Pop art shirt, Aivan Magno 3. Shorts, Soiree by SM department Store 4.Platform wedges, Forever 21

 5. Accessories by Shop dress up doll, 6.Mixtape Bag, Aivan magno

 Here's Aivan's take!Talk about primary colors? He looks so bright in those yellow pants and red striped cardigan! He looks sooo pop art!:))

 Forever cutie!

 Jonard's take!

My forever preppy friend! His preppy style is still dominating in this look! I love how he matches the pop art print with polka dots! I think he used the blue polo so that both prints can be seen easily! How creative!:)

Aivan's stereobox bag!

I really had fun shooting with these guys! I suddenly remembered the time we had a shoot around the streets of Ortigas for Aivan's Primitive Revival campaign! We're the first batch to try the trend and making the Ifugao prints look Urban is really something!:)

I hope you like these photos!

Thank you Aivan and Jonard for this awesome day!



Hannako Faith said...

Amazing outfits.I superlove all the colors and funkiness of the outfits. P.S. that red blazer is awesome.

Aivan Magno said...


Aivan Magno said...

See you tomorrow :) S'mores!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm learning from you! haha love your blazer, and your friends outfits as well esp. aivan's <3 haha :)