Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Everyday Beauty Kit

I got a lot of messages after my first beauty review asking me to make a blog post about my beauty kit or as what Filipina girls call as 'Kikay Kit'. I know every girl has this kit in their bags anytime, anywhere, maybe a few boys as well.haha! Anyway, here's my everyday beauty kit. I actually have two beauty kits, the other one is smaller and the other one is soo big that it can occupy 50% of the space in my bag. 

My bigger kikay kit is consist of make up, lotion, perfume, toothbrush and toothpaste, wipes, and other items for hygienic purposes. I bring it whenever I know I'll be doing a lot of things or I'll be busy as hell. My small kikay kit is for on the go days and school days. I don't put too much make up at school, I just wear my day make up and that's it. Wearing heavy make up at school everyday is a torture to your skin, your skin needs a break as well you know.

So here's my everyday kikay kit!

It's consist of a liquid foundation, concealer, face powder, mascara, eyelash curler, lip balm, my everyday color lip stick, and brow powder. I use these everyday for my day make up.

1. Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in Natural Beige.
This is gotta be my favorite foundation! It doesn't make your face feel sticky and oily. Other foundations tend to make you feel icky after applying it but this one doesn't. It gives your face a flawless cover and oil free look!

 2. Maybelline The Magnum Volume Express Waterproof Mascara.
Another favorite! I have thin and short lashes and this mascara gives it a longer and volumized look. It's waterproof so even if you're doing intense activities and acquire sweat, it doesn't smudge off. I love how it gives a falsies effect.

 3. Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder
I've been loyal to this face powder since my first year in college! It's got to be the best so far. It gives your face a clean and fresh look!

4. My In2It brow powder.
I must say you can acquire good make up in cheap prices. It gives your brow a long lasting shape in a very affordable price! I can't live without this palette. I have thin brows, by thin i mean thin hair strands, it's very light so I need this to give my face a shape by having greatly done eyebrows.

 5. Nyx Lippies
Don't you just love NYX lippies? They have the best colors! I wear light colored lippies at school such as coral, pink, nude, tan etc. I don't want to overdone my everyday look by smacking off vibrant and bold hues.

 6. Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava, 7. Chap Stick in Strawberry
Another I-can't-live-without items. I make sure to dab off these lip balms before putting on my lipstick. I hate having chapped lips so these things do the magic!:) 

8. Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer
The best thing I use to hide my blemishes. My face is acne prone. I used to have lots of pimples when I was in my early college years. I'm so thankful nowadays that I only experience pimple attack whenever my period is coming. Anyway, I have pimple marks and other blemishes so I hide them using my ever reliable concealer. One of the best concealers I've acquired so far.

9. Clinique Mini brush set
This is my on the go brush set. It has a lip brush, eye shadow brush and blush on brush. I always bring it for emergency purposes.

10. ELF Eyelash Curler
The eyelash curler that has the perfect curves for my eyes. It reached my inner lashes as well and gives my lashes the perfect curl so I don't need to stick on some falsies.

11. Victoria's Secret Sheer Love White Cotton and Pink Lily Luminous Lotion
This cannot fit in my everyday beauty kit but I put it inside my bag as well. This is a lotion/ perfume for me. I love the scent of this lotion, best scent in the world!charot!haha!but really! It's a luminous lotion so it has tiny glittery particles whenever you use it.

There you go, I'm really glad to share this to you guys. What are your 5 beauty essentials? It's your time to share it to me, just comment in this post! Can't wait to see your answers!:)


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Anonymous said...

I use the same foundation! I agree that it's super light yet provides perfect coverage :)