Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boundless Traveler

Named this outfit post after the event I've attended, The Wrangler Road Show at Robinson's Manila. So this is what I wore to the event. I want something comfortable because the weather's having it's mood swings again and I'll commute to the venue. I wore my perfect fitting jeans so it will match the event. haha! 

Oh God how I miss posting outfits! I haven't posted in weeks! I'm busy as hell. I even forgot to take photos of my outfits recently.haha! So here ya go...

 1.Knitted Poncho Top, Forever 21 2. Black Skinny jeans, Bench

 3. Necklace SuperSale Bazaar
 4. Platform Wedges, Forever 21

So I'll make this quick!Have to go downstairs for dinner!


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