Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cut Out and Color Block

Even though we had a lot of class suspensions I still wasn't able to manage my blog posts because of heavy work load. I guess all thesis students understands my dilemma. I now have to work on 50 shoe and bag designs for my fashion thesis,all due this Aug 9. I have 20/50 sketches done!:)) Wish me luck, I hope I'll make it on time!

So here you go, another outfit post! This is what I wore on the 2nd day of the Supersale Bazaar. I'm such a lazy person to think of what to wear so I wore this lovely royal blue mullet skirt again with my pink bodycon dress. Yes it's a dress, I just used it as a top. I think the key to repeating clothes is to mix and match to make a new stylish outfit!:)

1.Pink dress used as top, Impulse Co. 2. Mullet Skirt, ARF

 3.Pink Pumps

Photo with my pretty friend Ching Lopez!!!:)
Hi Ching, thanks for visiting the bazaar!Hope you had fun shopping!:)

*photos by Jonard Palteng

The rain's pouring so hard and the wind's crazy. Be safe you guys!:)


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Jhavoo Morgia said...

SUPER LOVE THIS LOOK! it made my day!