Monday, July 2, 2012

07032012:So this is what I've been doing lately...

I told you I've been sooo busy lately and these are the things that I'm doing. Honestly, I'm so distracted right now, I can't even finish my draft for the chapter 1 of my thesis and I don't know why. hnnngggg..

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of things. I had random shoots, my internship at One Mega Group, parties etc!here are some random instagram photos of what keeps me busy...

Shoot with Una Buendia. Will post it on my blog soon!:)

Sleepover with UST friends! Sad to say, we're not blockmates anymore so I really find time to spend time with them every once in a while. :)

My friend Yel's birthday at 7th high!Epic night.EPIC IS EPIC. and this night was very life changing. This night, i had my second life. Literally.

Shoot with Kyle Shih!Will post about this soon!:)

and of course, my top most priority! MY THESIS.

Oh, I would just like to share that today, I turned 19!Yay Thank you Lord for another year of my beautiful and blessed life! Thanks to everyone for keeping me inspired and happy everyday, I love you all. :*

So, how's school so far?



Lemuel Urieta said...

The first photo is a wow! :-) Happy birthday, Nicole!!

Edward Pristley said...

so wonderful! Get successful!

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Lemuel!aww that's really flattering!Thank youu :)

Edward, Thank youu :)