Sunday, June 3, 2012

Superb by SuperSale Day 1!

The first day of Superb Bazaar was crazy! A lot of people came to shop and I almost ran out of items to sell! I immediately asked my mom to re-stock!:)) Anyway, let me show you how my booth looked like!:)

I'm selling necklaces for 200php only and rings for 100php only!Shop Dress Up Doll, email me!

Via,Iris and Joyce

One of the sweetest stores that I met online, BELL CHARMS!
Thank you Tita Annabel!It was nice meeting the gorgeous ladies behind this amazing store!:)

Almost sold out!hahaha
Will post about the next days, soon!:)


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Adly said...

I can't remember passing by your booth during the Supersale Bazaar. :( Would've loved one of those ribbon rings. Oh and I don't know if you remember me but I was with Jesrhel during the Uniqlo event. :)