Saturday, June 9, 2012

Superb Bazaar Day 4!

So here's the 4th day of the bazaar. I arrived late because of the traffic. I went to SMX with my 2 sisters! They came with me because we'll watch the Penshoppe show in the afternoon.haha!Anyway, here are some outtakes that day!

Almost empty SMX, it's soo early!
Took Ate Krisha's outfit shot! Love the color blocking!!Havey!
 Renz in his Minimalist/Edgy outfit! I love how simple yet chic it is!:)

 Our booth!New stocks!

 Hi Vern!:)

 Ate Glen, Ate Krisha and Renz :)
 Meet my pretty sisters! They're the ones responsible for my outfit shots!!! Thank you so much for helping me man the booth!You girls are ze best!!! :***

Can't wait to tell you about the Penshoppe show!hahaha One day to go!:)


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