Thursday, June 7, 2012

Superb Bazaar Day 3!

I'm making separate blog posts for each superb bazaar day because I don't want to fill one post with tooooons of photos haha! Anyway, here's the 3rd day of the bazaar! Some of my fellow bloggers filled up their booth spaces and started selling their stuff!

Here's one of my favorite couple/bloggers Seph and Shai of Lovechic. I'm really glad to finally had the chance to have a quick chitchat with them. Hi Seph and Shai! I also met Seph's younger sister too, Janine, she's my schoolmate from UST! Excited to see your accessories line Janine!:)
Ana was there with me from the first day! haha! Here's a pic of Ana's booth!:)
Also met Ms. Tati Buendia of Bubbles! One of my favorite online stores! Nice meeting you po!:)
Here's a pic of my bff/fellow blogger Jossa at the bazaar. Theme of the day: bustier! hahaha! We always coincidentally wear the same outfit!haha:))

Joma dropped by our booth as well!
Joma and Renz :)

Will post about the remaining days as soon as possible!


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