Saturday, June 9, 2012

Skirting The Issue

Now this is my favorite outfit with full effort for the whole week! I actually planned to wear this for the last day. It's the last day of the bazaar and it's the Phil Fashion Week Finale so I think it's worth it. haha!

This is pretty eye catching I guess because of the embroidery in the lace vest that I'm wearing. Yes it's an oriental looking vest, I just tucked it in for a fab looking top. I'm thinking of color blocking the moment I received this skirt but when I saw the vest hanging in my mom's closet, I immediately tried it on and I guess it worked well. :)

Oh and i just love this skirt from ARF! This shade of blue looks soooo vibrant! This is one if my best buys and I only got it for a cheap price! I think you gals should check it out! ARF :)

1.Vest used as top, Mom's closet 2. Blue Mullet Skirt, ARF 

 3.Necklace, SUPERB Bazaar 4.Ring, WWW by SM Accessories
 Excuse this detail shot, so blurred.haha
 5.Printed Wedges, Jellybean

Will tell about the last day on my next posts!



Louise and Eiker said...

I love love love your outfit! If you want to we can exchange links to each other. :)

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Louise and Eiker, aww thank you soooo much!so sweet!xx