Friday, June 22, 2012


Yes, I know this blog post seems very late haha but I guess it's still worth posting right?:)
Last June 2 was the much awaited Bloggers United 3 held at the Grandview Events Place. This is the only event where the Philippines' top fashion bloggers unite to sell their pre-loved items and prized possessions to their lovely readers. This is the perfect time to interact with your favorite fashion bloggers, take pictures and shop til you drop. 


Aivan Magno and I.

SPOTTED! This kid really got my attention! I love what he's wearing! and this is the first time I saw a guy wearing a sheer top! I guess he really pulled off this outfit!:)

Anastasia Sintair 
She really looks lovely in person!I love her ombre!:)
Gelo Arucan and Melai Entuna as your hosts for the event.

Aisa Ipac

One of my favorite bloggers!
Stacey and Danah, The Plump Pinay! They look so lovely!:)

Ava Te

Mark and Jonessa

Domz and JL

Verniece and Vern

First time to meet Danika Navarro!:)

Again one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Camille Co.
I have a confession to make, haha even though I've seen Camille several times already in different events, I really get starstruck everytime I see her!ooopss:))

Kelly and Arnie

Carlos Concepcion

Robbie Croft

Seph's younger sister, Janine Cham. She's my schoolmate from UST!

Cheyser Pedregosa

with ze BFF, Jossa!

Aie Corpuz

Paul Chuapoco

Bjorn Bedayo

Mark Siggaoat

Gie, Jossa and I

Bestie Konisis

Melai Entuna

Seph and Shai!

Another favorite! Kookie Buhain! I admit, since our early chictopia days, I really adore Kookie. She's one of the nicest bloggers I've ever met and I guess she can pull off any outfit!:)

Jossa, Arnie and I

Jossa and I left BU to had dinner at Mercato, but we forgot that it opens at 10pm so we ended up having dinner at Yellow Cab. We're so hungry so we ordered 1 pizza each!hahaha!
Jossa's pick!

My pick!

My BU3 ID!:)

We headed to Jills after to hang out with my friend Rachelle with her sister and brothers.

Angelo, Ate RA and I

yay unite! With Jer and Rej!:)

We all had a great time!

Will post some photos from other people in my next blog post!
Thank you to everyone who came and it was nice meeting you all!


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