Sunday, May 6, 2012

Purple Jeans

 1.Top, Greenhills 2.Pants, Landmark

 3.Necklace, Ruckus
 4.Shoes, Jellybean

Wore a very casual outfit for a movie out with the family. Finally watched The Avengers! The movie made me love Tony Stark even more. The movie was a success. From the plot, the special effects, the script and the characters, it's perfect! I want to watch it over and over!:)) 

Anyway about this outfit, I used this pants again after a looooong time. I just kept it inside my closet for future use and I guess that was yesterday. Tried the colored pants trend again since I've been seeing a lot trying it. I think this trend was popular when I was in 4th year high school and I can't believe it's having it's comeback after 3 years. Quite fast huh?:)) Kept my outfit as simpler as possible because my dad doesn't want me to wear something too fab and flashy in the Church because it's not a fashion show daw.hahaha!

Anyway, who's going to the Zalora Grand Launch on Wednesday?See you there!:)


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