Friday, May 11, 2012

Make Your Own Havaianas VIP Launch!

May 8 morning I was in the office for my OJT, I opened my yahoo mail and found an email from Havaianas Philippines telling me that my blog was chosen as one of the winners for their Fifty Firsts Bloggers Promo! I felt so giddy! I get to receive 2 invites to the VIP Launch and 1 complimentary slipper! Good thing I didn't made plans that night so I gave it a go! This is by far one of the most fun event I've been to!

It was held at the Rockwell Tent. I'm so excited to make my own pair of havs! I've always been a fan of this flip flops! Thanks to Havaianas Philippines for this opportunity!

The people who assembles your flip flops of choice:)

Fellow Bloggers who won!
Paul, Kelly, Ana and Aivan
Ana and her havs! A red and black combination with bow tie pins!:)
Jackie, Kelly and Angel with their havs!
my sisterrr!Ohlyn!:)
Aivan and his brother!
Paul and his havs that says "PR GUY" Looove it! I wish I could put my blog name in my havs but it's too long :P
My havs being assembled.

I chose a combination of Lime green and Pink. It has the citrus-y girly vibe!
I asked him to put my name some crystals and heart pins!:)
Tulong tulong guys.hahahha!
Brazilian Music!I love!:)
The roulette!It's where you get to mix and match your choice of havs and it can help you decide:)
A tent full of fab people!I love it :)
Almost done...
Aivan! I missed him! Haven't seen him for a long time! Hang out soon Aivan!it was nice seeing you again!:)
Aivan and I showing off our havs!
and goofing around....:P

Tadah!here's my pretty pair!:)

Everyone, you can still have your customized havs done until May14 at the Rockwell Tent:) Enjoy!

Thank you so much Havaianas Philippines for this! 'Til the next MYOH!:)

Thank you so much Havaianas Philippines!'Til the next MYOH!

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