Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HAVAIANAS: My Most Memorable Summer!

What's your most memorable summer so far?
I guess my most memorable summer is Summer 2012. Why? Easy. It's my last summer spent as a student. Even though I have my OJT, I'm so thankful that I still have the time to spend summer with my families and friends. Summer for me is just a simple stroll at the beach, random camera shots, colorful bikinis, great food and plain relaxing. Even though I do this every year, I guess this year is very special. Next school year I'll be turning into my 4th year in college so after I'll be graduating, no school to think of after summer so I guess this year is my last year as a student enjoying summer because there's no classes.hahaha!

Anyway, let me share you what I had this summer despite my busy OJT schedule, I manage to have a proper and fun vacation!:)

Yes, I only visited one destination and it's Bataan.

My first trip Bataan was with my high school friends. We've been planning to have a trip like this for the longest time and glad it finally pushed through!

We felt like little kids playing on the sand..
I can feel the breezy air by just looking in this picture.

We visited La Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

It is a spanish era remake destination where you can see old houses and statues remade for an old Philippine feel. They also have their beach and pool so you can really enjoy summer while taking photos of the amazing structures and taking a swim in the water as well.

awesome huh?:)
We had a boat ride to different islands in Bataan.

You see, I came to Bataan twice. The second time was with my family. It was just this weekend! My mom and dad wants an off from work and have some family time!
 Meet my sisters!I'm the eldest but I'm the smallest.eeecck.hahahha

 My favorite swimsuit!
 Sisters with Mom!:)
 Too cheesy?mom and dad goofing around the huge rock.hahaha
 One of my summer outfits!:)

and of course my favorite pair of Havaianas flip flops. Without these babies, I don't know how I could survive summer. I can't wear my flats and heels to the beach huh?:))

 There, I hope I was able to share interesting deets about my summer 2012. It really is a fun summer for me and I can tell that it's the best so far even though I didn't visited Boracay or didn't took an out of the country trip, this summer was worth it!:)

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