Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Celebrated Mothers day with the whole family. Good thing mothers day was a Sunday so we're all free for this special day. Our mothers deserves a celebration for this special day. Anyway, we started Sunday by visiting our great grandma at the cemetery. Yes she passed away when I was in first year college. Good thing she reached an age of almost 101. She died 10 days before her birthday. She's one of the greatest mothers I've ever known.hihi So we visited her for Mothers Day.

We ate lunch! Is mothers day stripes day?hahaha We coincidentally wore the same print!
My mom and her mom, my lola! I consider her as my mom as well, she was with me since I was a little girl because mom is always at work. Nevertheless, they're the two most special women in my life!:)
babe in my ipad:")
Family photo!:)

How was your celebration?:)


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