Sunday, March 25, 2012

Like a Lady

Here's what I wore 2 weeks ago to Theya's 19th birthday at Blue Leaf. The theme was Vintage Mafia. I don't have time to shop so I just looked through my closet and found these! I think it's vintage looking enough but I slightly forgot about the 'Mafia' part :)) Anyway, at least it's decent enough for a formal party:)

1.Lace Dress 2.Skirt, Folded and Hung 

 3.Rose rings, DIVA 4.Purse, Accessorize 5.Pearl Necklace,Vintage
6.Hot Pink Pumps, Barbie by Shubizz

This week officially starts my summer vacation! Third year is finally over, hello 4th year, hello thesis.eeek-.- haha!Anyway, I'll be blogging a lot now since I'm off with school works!

It's my 2nd blog birthday next week!I can't wait to host some giveaways!



jenny07_tm said...

you look so gorgeous nicole :))

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Jenny, thank you so much :""")

Number Two Lover said...

Love the combination! And nacurious naman ako sa vintage mafia. Paano yun??

Almira :)

reginag said...

I must say, you have the best legs ever.
krk realty

nicolethedressupdoll said...

Almira, Thank you!hihi ako din medyo naguluhan sa vintage mafia eh,pero keri!:))

Reginag, yie really??hihi naiinsecure ako sa legs ko kasi I think it's fat.haha!but thanks to you, you made me feel better!Thank you:)