Thursday, March 8, 2012

Easy Breezy

This is what I wore last Monday on our way to our Third Year Retreat at Calaruega! I have to wear something casual and decent. Since the heat was unbearable, I chose to wear my DIY fringe top and a sheer cover up!

I wanted to wear shorts but it's inappropriate for a retreat.HAHA!

And oh, I also want to give my support to Postura Project. It's a 30 Day challenge to wear something Filipino everyday. This project is by Sarah Meier , Arriane Serafico , Knox Balbastro and David Guison. I think this project is really good because through this, people will appreciate local brands more. It's about Loving your own! Why don't you try and post something about wearing Filipino and support Postura Project.

 1.Fringe Top, DIY 2.Printed sheer top, Jellybean 3.Skinny Pants, Freego

 3.Flag and lomo cam ring, Sachico Shop 4.Leopard ring, Maniqui Manila

 5.Glasses, Vintage
 6.Shoes, Trunk Show

Had outfit shots in different areas. I love Paseo, our stop over near Calaruega. It's like a hidden place full of shops and restaurants.

*photos by Jade Refuerzo

Will post about our retreat soon!


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