Monday, February 27, 2012

Indie Fridays by Bloggers United!

Last February 24, 2011 was the first ever Indie Fridays by Bloggers United at Il Ponticello, Makati. Mad props to the Bloggers United team for pulling of this event!

So, I enjoyed the night with blogger friends and my elementary friends. We had a whole night of chilling, relaxing and entertainment. Indie Fridays was really a great idea. I think bloggers spend their busy life going around the metro for events and errands so this is the perfect time to relax after all the chaos and camera flashes.haha

WARNING: Photo dump

Our Vodka and Tequila Rose

Dae Lee and Reese Lansangan, love their duet and compositions! Witty!:)

Swear, being a blogger means you have to take photos of pretty food to make your readers drool.haha chos! But swear, our friends waited for minutes for Jossa and I to take a good food photo. It's hard to take shots like this in dim light.

Mouthwatering potato wedges!
Rej and EJ!
Reese and Vica!!!:)

The funny thing that night is, I asked Dae Lee for a fansign for my friend. My friend Laih is a big fan of Dae on Tumblr. The moment I saw Dae that night, I immediately texted my friend. She asked me the favor and luckily, Dae gave it a go. Thank you so much Dae, you really made my friend happy :) haha!
Blogger group photo!hahaha!sorry for the low res photo, Kuya waiter kasi di nya magets and complicated kasi kumuha ng pic sa DSLR. haha! I understand Kuya :))

Melai and Jossa :)
The Walkie Talkies!
They're my favorite!Raleene and her sister.

Mah girls!Jossa and Rej :)
The Slinkies! She's very pretty and what a creative duo!
We all had fun that night! Looking forward to the next Indie Fridays!:)

I apologize for the low res photos, I was really having a hard time to set my DSLR that night :P


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