Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shades of Blue

How's school so far?Honestly, I'm still buzzed about my Christmas vacation. Good thing we don't have plates yet. Anyway, had a great start for 2012. Blessings are rushing in, and I'm so thankful. Hope you guys are also having a good time!:)

So, this is what I wore on a Sunday with the family. Went to the church, dinner, Starbucks and movie marathon. It was raining so I have to keep myself slightly covered because of the cold breeze. I've always loved Sundays since second sem, because I don't have classes on Mondays and I really feel so lucky :))

1.Blazer, Suzto Manila.  2.Dress, TOPS.

 3.Shoes, Jellybean.  4.Tassel Necklace, Bubbles.

Now, HYPE!

*PS My brown hair is visible in these photos!yay!haha!but not that obvious in :|

It's 4am in the morning!A quick post before I sleep. Good Night! 



Denise said...

i love the entire blue outfit! the blazer really add that twist on your look! :)

dina vanessa mercado said...

love the cropped blazer! and how fun are your shoes?! love the entire look! following you now! :)

Cat said...

Your shoes are so cute! :) How I wish I could pull off such a look. Hehe.

♥ Cat

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